meeco Invest AG just became sole shareholder of oursun Japan Holding AG

meeco acquires remaining 66% of the shares from former business partners

The meeco Group, after its holding company meeco Invest AG has purchased the remaining 66 per cent of the shares of the Swiss-based company oursun Japan Holding AG, is now the sole shareholder of this company. The Swiss-based clean energy provider has purchased the shares from two business partners from Italy and Japan. The company can now be fully integrated in the international corporate structure of The meeco Group in order to support worldwide renewable energy projects.

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Antigua’s airport solar power plant exceeds expected performance


sun2live PV energy plant has already generated revenues of more than 1 million USD

The clean energy approach of the twin-island state Antigua and Barbuda including the 4,5 millions USD clean energy investment at the airport has set an example for the Caribbean. The efforts are now showing reliable and impressive successes. In just six months the 3 MWp sun2live airport solar energy plant, thoroughly planned, installed, operated and maintained by the UK-based clean energy provider PV Energy Limited, has already generated revenues of more than 1 million US dollars. The ground-mounted solar power plant is located at the southwest shoulder of the V.C. Bird International Airport Antigua and feeds the national grid with the energy generated.

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Powerspeed Electrical Limited: New partner of The meeco Group


Cooperation to launch sun2safe and sun2go xl in Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe. On the 21th of October, The meeco Group via its subsidiary, oursun Energy Private Ltd, has further deepened its integration into the Zimbabwean renewable energy market via a new partnership with Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed Powerspeed Electrical Limited, the largest and leading electrical & hardware supplies distributor in the country.

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500 kWP Photovoltaic project with Khatoon Industries


Khatoon Industries and The meeco Group towards a jointly green development in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan. Khatoon Industries and oursun Solar Power Ltd., a subsidiary joint venture company from The meeco Group and two Pakistani business professionals, concluded a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a photovoltaic sun2roof installation of 500kwp that will produce annually up to 825.000 kwh of renewable, carbon free energy; 200 kWp will be installed during the first phase of the project in August and September 2014 followed by additional 300kwp later this year in a second phase. Not only the rooftop of the production facility of Khatoon Industries but also a part of its factory site itself will be used to erect the installation and meet the capacity requirements.

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Sporty gyrocopter turns into deadly peril

Cracks in the tanks of the „MTOsports“ gyrocopter identified but nobody really cares

„The MTOsport is the logical development of our successful MT03. Today there are more than 800 gyrocopters successfully in operation worldwide. As the first in the UL-class approved gyrocopter in Germany, the MT03 offers a whole new flying experience.“ In these warm words AutoGyro GmbH, based in Hildesheim (Germany) advertises its lightweight gyrocopter.

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MEDIENKONTOR ranks 744th at 2013 Dresden REWE Team Challenge

meeco’s PR & Design agency participates in the 5 km city run for the first time


ZUG/DRESDEN. Yesterday, the majority-owned German subsidiary of The meeco Group, MEDIENKONTOR Dresden GmbH participated in the fifth edition of the 5 km REWE Team Challenge. With 8.264 participants on the starting line, the team of four led by Filipe Webermann (0:27:04), Communication Design Services Manager at MEDIENKONTOR, successfully made it to the finishing line in a cumulated time of 2 hours, 1 minute and 34 seconds, ranking 744 in the mixed-team category.

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meeco AG partners with Smart Hydro Power GmbH in India

Smart Hydro Agreement Blog

Swiss group obtains Indian market exclusivity to distribute German kinetic technology

ZUG/FELDAFING. The meeco Group has recently signed an exclusivity agreement with German kinetic hydropower systems expert Smart Hydro Power GmbH (SHP) to promote and develop Smart Hydro technology-based projects in India. A first demonstration project has been successfully executed and is in operation in the region of Punjab in association with the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA), as communicated last May 2 by The meeco Group.

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SETL meeco Ltd, new jointly held solar company in Mauritius

LUMS-meeco Solar Rooftop Power-Pakistan  1078

New company by The meeco Group and SETL to be operated under oursun trademark

ZUG/PORT-LOUIS. On May 3rd 2013, the LEAL-owned company Solar-Ernte-Technik LTD (SETL) based in Mauritius and the Swiss company meeco AG, have created a jointly held company named SETL meeco Ltd that will operate under the trademark oursun.  After several successful solar photovoltaic and energy storage project collaborations, the two companies have decided to combine their strengths. The company’s strategic objective will be to consolidate ongoing and future business in Mauritius as well as enter neighboring islands in the near future.

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The meeco Group 2012 Global Solar Market Report

Swiss renewable energy group with steady growth, new market and solutions

2012 was the year major solar panel manufacturers like Q-Cells, Solyndra, Evergreen Solar or Solon went bankrupt. It will stay in people’s minds as a critical year for the entire solar energy sector, which depended heavily on government subsided green energy prices. The significant Feed-in Tariff cuts in Europe and uninterrupted solar PV modules price decrease deeply impacted the market behavior, the only positive note being the awakening of new emerging solar markets. Continuing economic challenges and changing policies have generated uncertainties, negative perspectives and reduced market growth in traditional renewable energy markets such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, the UK or even France.

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Remote Indian village gets access to drinking water

meeco América Latina installs solar water pumping system in Mistolar, Paraguay

Situated on the Pilcomayo River near the Argentinean border and 300 km away from the nearest paved road, the Indian community of Mistolar (Paraguay) is located in a very remote area with no access to the power grid.

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