Financial planning

Financial planning

Financial planning

Combining profitability with sustainability is our mission! Diligently prepared financial planning serves as the best basis for a highly cost-effective clean energy project with an attractive return on investment, a steady and a sustainable cash flow as well as a reliable power supply.

We support governments, organisations, businesses as well as property owners in developing and implementing long-term clean energy strategies and programs and assist in structuring bankable projects. We use our strong relationships in the financial sector to make debt and equity financing available for such projects.

Together with investors and project owners we develop financial strategies including due diligence measures for project acquisitions and financing, tax and accounting assessments and access to debt and equity funds.

Our financial team individually analyses the needs of each customer. We find appropriate solutions on the one hand for customers, who are looking for a reliable and profitable capital investment and on the other hand for customers, who intend to reduce their energy costs and become independent from unreliable, expensive and polluting energy sources. For the second client profile we offer different options to realise a clean power supply:

EQUITY: The customer pays with their own funds and owns the clean energy solution. This is the most simple and profitable way of financing, because no interest payments have to be incurred.

DEBT CAPITAL: The customer obtains a loan to fund the purchase of the renewable energy system. Frequently a positive cash flow can be achieved already in the first year. Upon request our finance team can assist to arrange for loans and other financing models.

OPERATION LEASE: The customer leases a clean energy system from a 3rd party with a purchasing option at the end of the leasing term. This off-balance sheet financing option guarantees immediate savings in electricity costs and also ensures the option, to create an asset for the client later.

POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT (PPA): The customer buys the generated power from a 3rd party, which owns the clean energy system. The customer often can opt for the purchase of the system at the end of the agreement. This off-balance sheet financing option ensures a reliable green power supply without interruptions and offers the possibility of cost savings – without any investment costs in the first place. Learn more about PPA here.


  • Due diligence for project acquisitions (valuation of projects, …)
  • Due diligence for project financing (legwork for banks: sample calculations, production forecasts for financing, …)
  • Tax and accounting assessments.
  • Access to debt and equity funds.
  • Optimisation of financing structures (profitability of projects, …)


meeco invests into long term joint projects

Clean energy projects

We trust in the success of our projects. Furthermore we trust and believe in partnering with our clients in their projects. Therefore we are highly interested in acquiring long term commitments to our clean energy projects by investing our own funds and building up strong partnerships with our clients. Our project development, execution and financing model sun2share represents exactly this approach. We provide our customers the possibility to jointly share their project with us and benefit from a strong technology and service partner and our longstanding experience in the fields of implementing profitable and sustainable clean energy solutions worldwide.

Prior to the realisation of a sun2share-project a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is founded, whose shares are being mutually held by the customer and meeco. sun2share-projects can be realised utilising equity or debt capital but also in form of an operation lease or a Power Purchase Agreement. This sun2share model represents the foundation for a joint project funding, a long term technical support by our experienced engineers as well as a green, sustainable and reliable power supply.



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