Powerspeed Electrical Limited: New partner of The meeco Group



November 20, 2014


1:56 pm


Cooperation to launch sun2safe and sun2go xl in Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe. On the 21th of October, The meeco Group via its subsidiary, oursun Energy Private Ltd, has further deepened its integration into the Zimbabwean renewable energy market via a new partnership with Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed Powerspeed Electrical Limited, the largest and leading electrical & hardware supplies distributor in the country.

Founded in 1970 and listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange since the year 2000, Powerspeed Electrical is a supplier of a full range of hardware and electrical products as well as services required by the various sectors of the economy (i.e. industrial, domestic, commercial, mining and agricultural) through its trading branches. Powerspeed is situated in all major centres of the country to ensure adequate delivery of quality service to all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy.

The aim of this partnership will be two tiered:

Grid connected or off grid solutions; Powerspeed will exclusively distribute meeco’s all-in-one energy management system the sun2safe which enables better harvesting of renewable energy, just in time and online insights into generation and use of energy, leading to better management of produced energy and savings. First developed as a monitoring tool for meeco’s sun2live energy production and storage solution as well as the sun2com solar telecommunication solution, the sun2safe is a fully integrated energy conversion, energy storage and management system, which can be used with any source of energy (renewable as well as carbon based) production.


Powerspeed will also exclusively carry the sun2go and sun2go XL solutions.


The sun2go, meeco’s portable power solution – the most convenient and environmentally responsible way to supply small-scale, stand-alone power – caters the need of providing simple heavy duty off-grid access to reliable AC and DC power.

The sun2go XL on the other hand is a semi mobile solar generation and storage solution, which in a larger scale provides energy for agricultural or lighting applications, rural communities or any other type of application requiring off-grid power supply.


In the second tier, The meeco Group has envisioned up to 50 MWp of grid-connected solar power plants in sizes of up to 5 MWp each in Zimbabwe during the year 2015. Powerspeed will offer support to these projects by supplying locally accessible electrical components and execution services.

quote“This is indeed a tremendous opportunity for us and we are very ecstatic to have a partner on board with the history and strength of Powerspeed. Moreover the coming together both brands – meeco & Powerspeed – will bring great value and tier one solar solutions to Zimbabwe’s industrial clients and consumers.”

Simbarashe Mhuriro, Director at OurSun Energy explains

quote “Given the power generation deficits and load shedding that the country has been experiencing for years, together with the abundant sunshine that we are blessed with, it is unforgivable how little solar generation is being done in Zimbabwe. We believe that, through this partnership with the meeco Group, we will be able to make a significant difference to this, by delivering top quality solutions in a way that this economy can afford.”

Mr. Hilton Macklin, the Managing Director at Powerspeed


Since 2013, The meeco Group has worked with key strategic partners to better expand its clean energy turnkey services and solutions in the Zimbabwean market and is currently on his way to become a leading player in Zimbabwe.