How The meeco Group manages its assets, money and structures

Interview about the mission of the Chief Financial Officer

Konstantin Wolf started to work with The meeco Group in 2010 when he and his colleague Stephan Trutschler decided to join the group with the Dresden based PR company MEDIENKONTOR, which has become meeco Communication Services in 2017. With his expertise in finance and administration he was appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in November 2012 and also became board member of meeco AG in Switzerland. Now he is taking care of possibly the most sensitive part of a company – the money.

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sun2safe makes you reach a new level of autarky


The cost of a photovoltaic system in Germany could be quickly refinanced by the high solar feed-in tariff only a few years ago. However – the payment has now decreased. Therefore nowadays it is highly economical to consume the self-generated solar energy by oneself. This makes energy storage solution to the core element of power systems of the future. The meeco group has now developed together with long term partners an all-in-one converter/ inverter with system energy management enabling better insight into power production and use, leading to better management of produced energy and savings.

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The meeco Group 2012 Global Solar Market Report

Swiss renewable energy group with steady growth, new market and solutions

2012 was the year major solar panel manufacturers like Q-Cells, Solyndra, Evergreen Solar or Solon went bankrupt. It will stay in people’s minds as a critical year for the entire solar energy sector, which depended heavily on government subsided green energy prices. The significant Feed-in Tariff cuts in Europe and uninterrupted solar PV modules price decrease deeply impacted the market behavior, the only positive note being the awakening of new emerging solar markets. Continuing economic challenges and changing policies have generated uncertainties, negative perspectives and reduced market growth in traditional renewable energy markets such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, the UK or even France.

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Renaming of The meeco Group’s European subsidiaries is official

Former SunCarrier Services subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and Greece now named meeco Services

Further to the Board of Directors decision to rename some of its European country subsidiaries back in April this year, the renaming process of all of the concerned legal entities has now successfully been completed. As initially decided, the renaming process had to follow a local strategy not only converting the “SunCarrier Services” root into “meeco Services” but also adding the country in the local language as a suffix. Affected by this change were the country offices in Spain (Alicante), Italy (Milan) and Greece (Athens). The fourth meeco subsidiary, repulp GmbH (Germany), which recently moved its offices from Essen to Dresden has also undergone the same legal renaming process, joining thus the rest of the subsidiaries under the “meeco Services”-branding umbrella.

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Rooftop installations on the rise for The meeco Group

Since the recent Feed-in Tariff chances across the European solar photovoltaic markets, betting only on ground-mounted installations has become a very improbable strategic option. Indeed, this segment of the market has known better days and that is why most players in the market have felt the obligation to redefine their strategy for the years to … Read more

Transfer of Italian solar parks by The meeco Group to German fund

The development and construction of several photovoltaic parks by a+f GmbH in the Italian region of Puglia has been completed with the transfer of the property of the project companies from The meeco Group to the new owner, the „Hamburgische Energiehandlung“. The solar parks are equiped with the state of the art tracking system „SunCarrier“ … Read more