Feasibility energy studies

Feasibility energy studies

Feasibility energy studies

Is your Project of PV Solar installation feasible? Are there any challenges to execute it?

Businesses and local authorities usually are in doubt, when selecting their options, and this is increased due to a growing pressure to commit to clean energy and carbon reduction.

To identify the opportunities and risks of implementing a PV Solar Project, and to choose the best renewable energy system, a feasibility study is a sensible and cost-efficient approach.

The meeco Group supports its clients with organisational, structural, and technical advice for the right energy strategy, which will answer the many questions arising when preparing for a PV project.

The Energy Feasibility Study includes among others:

  • Site visits.
  • Energy audits of system performance.
  • Data analysis.
  • Technical and economic assessment.
  • Energy cost and carbon savings.
  • High level review of the legal and organizational framework.
  • Presentation of optimal options to the client.



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