Achieve Energy Independence with sun2live® meeco Solutions

A self-sufficient home, empowered by sun2live® meeco solutions, can independently produce all the energy it needs. This eliminates the need to rely on an external power supply, showcasing the true potential of energy independence. These energy self-sufficient homes harness renewable energy, like solar power through sun2live® meeco solutions, for intelligent heating and cooling. Additionally, they … Read more

Solar Carport Market: Unveiling Its Huge Potential


Introduction: A Bright Future for the Solar Carport Market Globally, the solar carport market is poised for remarkable growth. Indeed, its flexibility and effectiveness make it one of the preferred sustainable energy solutions. Revolutionizing Parking Spaces: Dual Benefits of Solar Carports The possibility of transforming parking lots belonging to companies, private households, and local authorities … Read more

Solar Panel Curiosities that will Surprise You

Have you ever wondered how solar panels work or what secrets they hide? Join us on this journey through the most surprising solar panel curiosities. Introduction Solar panels, those silent heroes of the roof, are not just black panels that capture sunlight. They are true technological marvels with fascinating stories, unexpected innovations and a potential … Read more

Discovering Innovation: Portable Solar Panel

Introduction In the modern era, the search for sustainable energy solutions has led to the development of revolutionary technologies. In this article, we will explore the versatility and convenience of “portable solar matter”, focusing on the “portable solar panel” as the key piece of this innovative equation. Energy in a Single Device What is a … Read more

Nießlbeck Butcher’s Green Revolution with sun2roof® PV System

sun2roof® system

When the sun shines, it’s cool. Nießlbeck butcher introduces sun2roof® system, a cutting-edge green solution to generate solar energy for operating their cooling system and significantly reduce electricity costs. Revolutionizing Energy with sun2roof® system In the picturesque town of Berg b. Neumarkt, Germany, Nießlbeck butcher takes a bold step towards sustainability. Every beam of sunlight now … Read more

Solar Energy in Antigua: The meeco Group Sustainable Journey

Solar Energy in Antigua

In a recent interview, Mr. DT, the representative of PV Energy, subsidiary of The meeco Group, shed light on the company’s remarkable journey and the promising future of solar energy in Antigua. With an extensive track record in renewable energy spanning 25 years and operations across the globe, PV Energy is poised to revolutionize the … Read more

The importance of IP: The meeco Group

Registering a trademark is a fundamental step for every company that wishes to affirm its presence on the market, making its brand unique and well recognizable. Taking care of Intellectual Property to stand out on the markets has always been an integral part of The meeco Group. Our branding philosophy and strategy have become the … Read more

meeco presents new innovative and flexible renewable energy mounting system

Solar PV rope solution sun2rope to be launched in African Safari camps

The Swiss-headquartered renewable energy generation and energy storage company The meeco Group has just launched its latest solar PV mounting solution. The sun2rope system offers a totally flexible and innovative way to build a solar energy system without the application of obstructing substructures harming the environment. By mounting the solar modules on special high-quality ropes, which are attached to walls or pillars, a totally customised clean energy supply can be established nearly any-where. meeco is currently executing the first sun2rope projects in Kenya for commercial clients.

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Safari lodge in Kenya to benefit from clean solar energy and storage

meeco brings sun2rope and sun2safe solar energy systems to a 1920’s Safari Camp

The establishment of a reliable electricity supply represents an enormous challenge for off-grid tourist destinations in Africa such as remote Safari lodges. Located in the Olderkesi Wildlife Conservancy in Masai Mara, Kenya, a famous 1920’s Safari camp is currently nearly exclusively powered by energy produced from diesel gensets due to a missing connection to the electrical grid. In order to reduce the dependence on these cost-extensive and polluting energy sources, meeco will install a 50 kWp sun2rope mounted solar energy solution in combination with a sun2safe energy management system at the isolated and exclusive Safari lodge.

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