As confirmed by studies, the sun is set to become the cheapest source of unlimited power in the world (“Current and the Future Cost of Photovoltaics”, by Agora Energiewende, published in February 2015). Given that solar photovoltaic energy is today yet reliable as well as a low-cost renewable energy technology, that prices of solar production installations have drastically dropped over the past years, and efficiencies of solar panels are bound to further improve whilst conventional energy generation is certain to become more expensive, it could be argued with no doubt, that the moment to invest in solar energy has come – to say the least. Besides being one of the best choices to achieve a sustainable development, the solar energy sector offers numerous profitable opportunities for investors that would like to take part in solar projects and thus, earn “green” money without having to forego on industry standard returns.

For 15 years now, The meeco Group and investors from all over the world have been working together in order to support private clients, businesses and governments in the realisation of their photovoltaic renewable projects.

As a diligent, dynamic and leading company in the world’s solar energy market, meeco has gained a lot of experience through the completion of numerous solar projects in both, emerging as well as developed countries. The investors can rely on the international network of the high-skilled employees of meeco, working in offices located all over the world in the form of subsidiaries or joint-ventures, as well as on the expertise of its local partners.

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Security and planning

Investing in the installation of photovoltaic renewable projects means getting involved in a long-term, long-lasting yields and low risk investments, as the sun represents an unlimited and boundless source of energy, unlike fossil fuels such as diesel, coal, gas or gasoline.

Moreover, to support our investors in the process and release them from additional obligations linked to each and every investment, we manage all the administrative formalities, from the very beginning of identifying a suitable project, to final commissioning of the solar photovoltaic power plants. Finally, to ensure that projects the investors are to invest in are not only technically operational but also profitable, meeco only uses exclusively top-tier materials and advanced technology for the conception and the implementation of its solar photovoltaic solutions. In addition, constant monitoring and maintenance services are provided to make sure that photovoltaic installations funded by our investors are continuously reliable in their operations.

Return on investment and profits

Compared to other low risk investment, the return on investment for projects such as photovoltaic renewable power plants is far safer than many other investments. Furthermore, the return on investment may be more or less fast, from a project to another, depending on several factors such as the domestic demand in electricity, the solar radiation level or the price of the electricity sold. Indeed, the return on investment is set to be quicker in emerging countries such as Pakistan, Zimbabwe or India, as the solar radiation level in these countries as well as the demand are higher due to the lack of electricity and major daily outages. Nonetheless, investors in solar projects implemented by meeco are to benefit from a short-time return on investment, followed by a regular and safe gain of profits due to the highly reliable cash flows from energy sales.

The meeco Group offers to its investors two investment solutions to get involved in and generate returns from photovoltaic renewable projects

The first investment solution consist in offering to investors willing to put money into a photovoltaic renewable project, the possibility to gain returns out of the energy generated by the installation they have financed. Thanks to this initial investment, they will get back the amount of money first invested and will therefore keep on receiving constant cash flows, in the form of interests or dividends.

The second investment solution is an offer to investors that would like to get a solar installation and use the generated power for the powering of their own activity or company. In this case, during the duration of the agreement, the solar installation will be owned by The meeco Group, that will pay for the installation, the maintenance and the monitoring, while reselling the generated power at preferential rates to the investor for ‘self consumption’ – as in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for example.

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As the number of solar projects requiring investors is yet steadily increasing, and is foreseen to continue to soar, The meeco Group offers to investors the possibility to benefit from safe opportunities to «make their money work under and with the sun». However, in addition of making money, «Invest into green» is also a right way to take part in the sustainable development needed to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.



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