Hybrid/tribid designs

Hybrid/tribid designs

Hybrid/tribid designs

A hybrid solar system is designed to complement a grid-tied, on grid solar system. Typically, it would have photovoltaic panels, a hybrid solar inverter, solar batteries and battery inverter linked to the meter or switchboard of a property that is connected to a power grid.

A trybrid solar system is designed to go beyond a hybrid system by accommodating the situation where the grid fails or is unreliable / unstable and where a generator (diesel, gas or other carbon based fuels) needs to be brought online automatically to support or accommodate electrical needs and avoid blackouts or brownouts.

Businesses and local authorities often are unclear as to which system is the most appropriate for the actual situation that needs to be accommodated.

To identify the options for developing the appropriate hybrid or tribrid solar system for a PV Solar Project, and to choose the best technology, a feasibility study is a sensible and cost-efficient approach.

The Feasibility Study for Hybrid/Trybrid Designs includes among others:

  • Site visits.
  • Energy audits of system performance.
  • Analysis of the current energy generating devices.
  • Data analysing of the consumptions.
  • Technical and economic assessment.
  • Energy cost, fuel & other costs.
  • Reporting.
  • Presentation of optimal options to the client.



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