Powering Mallorca Future: The Rise of PV Solutions by meeco

PV Solutions

In the sun-kissed heaven of Mallorca, a renewable energy revolution is underway, fueled by the pioneering efforts of meeco, a leading provider of photovoltaic (PV) solutions.  Sustainability in sunny Mallorca As the demand for sustainable energy continues to surge, Mallorca stands ready to set a shining example of solar innovation with numerous projects on the horizon. Mallorca, … Read more

Achieve Energy Independence with sun2live® meeco Solutions

A self-sufficient home, empowered by sun2live® meeco solutions, can independently produce all the energy it needs. This eliminates the need to rely on an external power supply, showcasing the true potential of energy independence. These energy self-sufficient homes harness renewable energy, like solar power through sun2live® meeco solutions, for intelligent heating and cooling. Additionally, they … Read more

meeco, an ever-growing Team

Always on the move and expanding, The meeco Group team recently welcomed a new member to its German branch. In November, Mrs. Ramona Barila joined the Group as a new member of the meeco Industrial Services GmbH team.  Main tasks will be: sales support, Customer Services, marketing and reporting to the Management. Achieving goals and increasing … Read more

The importance of IP: The meeco Group

Registering a trademark is a fundamental step for every company that wishes to affirm its presence on the market, making its brand unique and well recognizable. Taking care of Intellectual Property to stand out on the markets has always been an integral part of The meeco Group. Our branding philosophy and strategy have become the … Read more

meeco to implement 7 MWp industrial clean energy solution in Fiji

Lion One Metals and meeco signed Term Sheet Agreement for building sun2live solar hybrid system

Remote islands face the severe threats of negative effects of climate change. The Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group is conversant in developing on- and off-grid clean energy solutions for remote areas and will now spur the deployment of large- and medium-scaled clean energy solutions in the island state of Fiji.

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New milestone: meeco simultaneously energised two large-scale solar installations on two continents

Swiss energy provider put pv systems with total size of 4.44 mwp into operation

Two entirely different areas, one solar provider: Bethesda on the Caribbean island Antigua and a textile company in Leutkirch located in the South of Germany as of now benefit from clean solar power. Shortly before the end of 2018, the Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group successfully managed the same-day commissioning of a ground-mounted 4 MWp sun2live solar utility and a roof-mounted sun2roof solar power plant with a total size of 440 kWp. While the Caribbean commissioning team worked at moist conditions with up to 30 degrees and 70 per cent humidity, the German commissioning staff had to deal with heavy snow and icy flat roofs.

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Competitive solar energy through power purchase agreements (PPA)

meeco provides clean power investment without any upfront costs

Companies and private consumers in many regions worldwide have to cope with an unstable or highly expensive energy supply due to the unreliability of the grid or even the total absence of such a power supply. This involves, especially for companies and industries, a heavy disadvantage in terms of competitiveness on the global market. Paused production lines in manufacturing industries, interrupted cold chains in food factories or electrical breakdowns in office buildings are just a few examples how power cuts can cause substantial losses for the commercial sector and constitute a serious threat to their commercial success accordingly. Many companies rely on a diesel-based energy supply and suffer from high and unpredictable fuel and maintenance costs. Utilising solar (photovoltaic) technology is much more eco-friendly and cost-effective. The contractual framework of a power purchase agreement (PPA) offers all advantages of clean energy to long term predictable low prices with limited or no upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX) costs for the company.

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Jumby Bay island to benefit from additional clean energy supply

  The sun2roof solar system on Jumby Bay.

PV Energy equips Antiguan island with autonomous sun2live micro grid

The small private island Jumby Bay, located in the north of Antigua, will soon reach almost complete autarky in terms of power supply. After the installation of eleven sun2live and sun2roof solar installations with a total capacity of 404 kWp last year, the clean energy provider PV Energy now expands this solar energy project and is about to implement a sun2safe xl managed micro grid. Upon completion of this installation, the whole area will nearly exclusively be supplied with reliable and carbon-free quality energy, which makes the island a model example for sustainability.

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Marriott Hotel Guyana to be equipped by meeco with sun2live/sun2roof solar energy & sun2safe XL storage system

Hotel in Georgetown to shave off energy costs and to avoid 900 tons of CO2 emissions

The Marriott Hotel Guyana in Georgetown will soon benefit from an eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply. We have concluded an agreement on a solar power installation with the leading five-star hotel in Guyana to reduce its dependence on expensive diesel and shave off its energy costs accordingly.

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