Sustainability as a commitment for The meeco Group


A Corporate Social Responsability company

As one of the world’s leading clean energy company, The meeco Group has at its disposal a wide range of competences, including local expertise and best technologies. The meeco Group as an enterprise, values Corporate Social Responsibility, knows and fulfils its obligations towards the community and the environment in which it operates in many different ways.

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Energy efficiency as a competitive factor to achieve sustainability


Renewable energies: New sources of growth and productivity

A strong current towards a higher awareness concerning energy consumption and efficiency is shaping the actual global situation. Renewable energies, significantly expanding their footprint, can be seen today as a competitive factor that companies are more and more willing to pursue.

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New alliance to support development of clean energy in Zimbabwe


The meeco Group and William Bain Holdings to stimulate local market sun2flow solar-based water pumping systems

With approximately 300 days of sun per year, wind and several sources of hydropower, Zimbabwe is a country with significant quantities of clean energy resources. Nevertheless Zimbabwe still faces a substantial power deficit – a serious problem that adversely affects all facets of its economy. A new partnership between oursun Energy (Private) Ltd., part of the Swiss-based clean energy provider The meeco Group, and William Bain Holdings, Zimbabwe’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment, will push the development in this area.

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The meeco Group delivering renewable energy turnkey solutions

ThemeecoGroup-clean-energy-turnkey-solutions Overview of the oursun turnkey solutions range

The Swiss-based meeco Group counts more than twelve years experience in the solar renewable energy sector and has a track record of several hundred MW’s of developed and executed solar PV projects. Having established a strong and reliable network worldwide, meeco established the “oursun” global trademark to have a worldwide and internationally represented trademark under which strategic partnerships with strong local partners located across the globe are grouped.

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The meeco Group is expanding around the globe


The year of 2014 encountered further implementations of solar projects

The Swiss-based meeco Group, has this year enormously expanded its number of projects in solar generation and energy storage by benefiting from a growing network of local subsidiaries, strategic partners and experts based all around the world. The year of 2014 has been marked by successful projects, market expansions and new fruitful cooperation’s leading to a consequent development of the clean energy activities of The meeco Group.

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Extension of the “Dos Tauros” farm project in Paraguay


Installation of two additional sun2flow systems in the Chaco region

Since 2010, The meeco Group, as a clean energy provider, has been present in Paraguay through its subsidiary based in Asunción, meeco América Latina S.A. The company has been a pioneer in the Paraguayan solar market, consolidated its presence and has become the leading services and solutions provider in the Paraguayan solar sector. The market penetration has been a success allowing the development and the construction of numerous solar projects. One of the flagship products is the innovative sun2flow turnkey solution, which is experiencing an exponentially rising interest in the Paraguayan market.

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Interview with George Kitoudis: Head of Site Implementation & Operations at The meeco Group


Towards assessment and optimisation of solar plants across the globe

George Kitoudis counts over 20 years of expertise in energy and environmental engineering as a systems designer, site supervisor and project manager. He experienced during his career a great number of areas such as solar heating and cooling, air ventilation as well as small solar thermal after which he started to work in the solar electric sector in the domains of production planning optimisation, warehouse management as well as logistics. Mr. Kitoudis joined The meeco Group team in 2008 as Head of Site Implementation & Operations and director of meeco’s Greek subsidiary, meeco Services Hellas S.A. Having now worked well over 10 years in the solar industry, George helps meeco on a global scale and daily to realise its mission towards clean energy and resource efficiency by overseeing the proper operation of multiple global renewable energy systems. Through this interview, given right after his recent business trip to meeco’s subsidiary in Pakistan to supervise the installation of a sun2roof system for a key industrial customer, George shares with us the global dimension of his responsibilities, as well as the opportunities and the challenges encountered.

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Major sun2flow Project completed in a Paraguayan ranch


Drinking water pumping system for a large cattle farm in Paraguay

Another sun2flow project in Paraguay, involving the installation of a solar water pumping system for a large cattle farm through the subsidiary of The meeco Group in Paraguay, meeco América Latina is finally completed. This project has been initiated back in November 2013 but has been delayed due to extreme climatic conditions accompanied by strong floodings in the country. From today, the installation is entirely operable in the Paraguayan region of Chaco to fulfill all requirements of the customer.

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SETL meeco launched an autonomous photovoltaic installation on Aigrettes Island



Thanks to SETL meeco, one of the leading suppliers of “off the shelf” energy solutions in Mauritius, the Aigrettes island now has its own autonomous mobile photovoltaic system. The installation on this preservation island consisting of 1 iKUbe F150 equipped with 18 units of photovoltaic modules was commissioned by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. It went into operation on March 17th 2014.

According to SETL meeco Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Ashveen Kissoonah, the photovoltaic panels will be able to generate a maximum of 3 kW and will meet the total demand for power required by the foundation employees on the 26-hectare island.

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sun2light mini: the next generation of bright solar LED lighting portable energy and storage solution

Portable Energy-meeco-sun2lightmini


You live and work in a remote area without any electricity supply and you are searching for a zero emissions portable solar lighting system equipped with the latest ultra efficient solar LED lamps?

So, sun2light is made for you!


Read on and find out more about the sun2light mini product range of The meeco Group:

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