Extension of the “Dos Tauros” farm project in Paraguay




November 27, 2014


9:50 am


Installation of two additional sun2flow systems in the Chaco region

Since 2010, The meeco Group, as a clean energy provider, has been present in Paraguay through its subsidiary based in Asunción, meeco América Latina S.A. The company has been a pioneer in the Paraguayan solar market, consolidated its presence and has become the leading services and solutions provider in the Paraguayan solar sector. The market penetration has been a success allowing the development and the construction of numerous solar projects. One of the flagship products is the innovative sun2flow turnkey solution, which is experiencing an exponentially rising interest in the Paraguayan market.

sun2flow is a solar water pumping system, available as both fixed and mobile solution. Originally created by Dr. agr. Oliver Jann and refined by utilising the broad engineering experiences available within The meeco Group, this solution provides an optimized integration of solar energy with a high-end pumping technology facilitating access to water, even in the most remote areas.

sun2flow_ThemeecoGroup_DosTauros-   sun2flow_ThemeecoGroup_DosTauros

The “Dos Tauros” farm project has been first initiated to connect two sun2flow units with a pumping capacity of 40.000 litres per hour and 148.000 litres per day. The installations were realised in a remote area in the Chaco region, located in the north of Paraguay. This area is very remote with no access to the grid and thus requires alternative energy supply solutions. sun2flow is the ideal solution to match with the water supply challenges encountered in this semiarid location. Indeed, sun2flow assembled with tier-one solar modules and reliable water pumping devices is perfect to provide drinking water for cattle in off-grid areas.

This project has been recently extended with the installation of two additional sun2flow units and upgraded solar arrays resulting in increased flow rates of more than 200.000 l/day. Each pump lifts water among four water tanks of 120.000 cubic meters, and satisfies the water needs of more than 4.000 cattle heads per system.

quote„We are glad to be able to offer our sun2flow solution to provide clean drinking water in remote areas thanks to the innovative idea of combining photovoltaic with pumping technology. Our sun2flow projects keep farmers from spending huge amounts in fuel and fuel distribution logistics. Thanks to the system, they can realize important reductions in term of energy costs“,

Dr. Oliver Jann, President of meeco América Latina.

The meeco America Latina team works in installation, maintenance and permanent improvement of the sun2flow projects and faces a quickly increasing market thanks to a high-quality and complete-service policy. It is planned to expand this success into further off-grid watering segments like high-volume irrigation in crops like rice or soy.