Sustainability as a commitment for The meeco Group




February 12, 2015


1:34 pm


A Corporate Social Responsability company

As one of the world’s leading clean energy company, The meeco Group has at its disposal a wide range of competences, including local expertise and best technologies. The meeco Group as an enterprise, values Corporate Social Responsibility, knows and fulfils its obligations towards the community and the environment in which it operates in many different ways. The meeco Group ensures the reduction of pollution and contributes to the improvement of the quality-of-life wherever it is active. Indeed, the mission of The meeco Group is to reduce carbon emissions and spur economic growth by creating reliable, affordable clean energy that provides an attractive return on investment for its clients and strategic partners.

Over the years, The meeco Group has developed under the international network oursun, a substantial group of subsidiaries in 17 countries, and set up a management team that internationally brings cultures and social backgrounds together. Thus, the Group was able to work directly, hand in hand, with its local partners, ensuring that their sustainable projects address local requirements and community needs. The meeco Group was able to create jobs, transmit its know-how to local partners, and as a result support local economic and environmental development.

The meeco Group defends and promotes the values of sustainable development and the use of renewable energies because it is the company’s duty to protect and respect not only the environment but populations as well, by offering them solutions that can help our global economy and society and preserve it for future generations.

Moreover, The meeco Group aims at making a difference for populations. The final goal of The meeco network is not to sell a product, but it is to improve the life style and life standard of people around the world such as in the Chaco region in Paraguay. One small such example: In 2013, The meeco Group has installed a 2,450 kw sun2flow fixed system using 10 polycrystalline solar modules and a 40 meter depth centrifugal pump, that enables to pump the needed water and provide the client’s cattle with drinking water. The Chaco region being at over 4 hours distance from the capital of Boquerón, the 2,450 kw sun2flow solar powered pumping solution solved a substantial and expensive whilst unreliable diesel dependence problem.

quote The meeco Group has been steadily adding new sun2flow and sun2live solar projects, mostly off-grid and for agriculture as well as in small isolated villages”.

Dr. Oliver Jann, President of meeco América Latina S.A.


Mr. Thomas Beindorf, Technical Director of The meeco Group, answered to his statement by reaffirming the will of The meeco Group to strive to provide renewable and affordable energy everywhere in Paraguay and Latin America.

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The subsidiaries under the international oursun network are not only active in developed countries, but also in emerging markets such as Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India and South Africa. The meeco Group takes up challenges in these countries such as bringing electricity in off-grid areas or making water drinkable. To do so, The meeco Group, its employees and its partners, never stop looking for innovations and applications that could assist in this endeavour.

The meeco Group has undertaken numerous projects that have changed the life of many. Amongst these, the installation of sun2flow water pumping systems in the Chaco region in Paraguay in 2014 have especially been noteworthy. These installations facilitate the access to water in extremely remote areas without dependence on the availability of diesel or other carbon based fuels. Another noteworthy installation was that of a sun2roof system on the Shalamar Hospital in Pakistan the same year, that allowed an independent and more reliable production of electrical energy available to this institution.

The meeco Group, as a company is commited to its clients but as a part of its dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility, The meeco Group is also committed to the people that are affected by its products and services every day.

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