Energy efficiency as a competitive factor to achieve sustainability




January 29, 2015


9:08 am


Renewable energies: New sources of growth and productivity

A strong current towards a higher awareness concerning energy consumption and efficiency is shaping the actual global situation. Renewable energies, significantly expanding their footprint, can be seen today as a competitive factor that companies are more and more willing to pursue.

The global industry is confronted with the fact that carbon emissions and global demand in energy consumption keep going up steadily. Aware of this alarming situation, governments and lawmakers try to implement stricter global environmental standards and regulations.



Furthermore, energy costs are constantly increasing, making the need of finding new alternatives to produce and consume energy even more essential. The trend to use more and more raw materials and energy in order to produce has not been curtailed. This thinking must be reversed with the following focus:  Achieve a greater amount of production with continuously reduced inputs. Manufacturing processes, which are steadily being improved and turned towards innovation in resource efficiency, will provide companies with better returns on investment and higher competitiveness. In the near future, resource and energy efficiency must become a key competitive edge driving decision-making and thus, allowing higher productivity and environmental sustainability.

The rising global awareness of the necessity to decrease the carbon footprint can be supported with innovative PV solar installations. As a result, The meeco Group delivers top-tier turnkey clean energy services and solutions helping residential, commercial and industrial clients to generate energy in a more resource-friendly and sustainable way.

Below are some of The meeco Group solutions that provide both, off-grid and on-grid applications with enhanced energy and resource efficiency:

sun2live – Energy generation, management and storage system
A small-to medium scale able solar power generation and storage solution integrated with the grid with fully reliable high-end components designed for hotels, households, businesses and communities.
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sun2roof – Fixed grid connected roof-mounted system
From small / residential to industrial-scale integrated solution reducing dependency on local grid and providing affordable and reliable energy – available as turnkey solution and also in the framework of Power Purchase Agreements mounted preferably on residential or commercial roofs tops or car parks.
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sun2safe – Intelligent central energy management and optimization system
Fully integrated power conversion and energy management tool being used with any power production solution such as grid, photovoltaic, battery and generator input.
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