Powering Mallorca Future: The Rise of PV Solutions by meeco

PV Solutions

In the sun-kissed heaven of Mallorca, a renewable energy revolution is underway, fueled by the pioneering efforts of meeco, a leading provider of photovoltaic (PV) solutions.  Sustainability in sunny Mallorca As the demand for sustainable energy continues to surge, Mallorca stands ready to set a shining example of solar innovation with numerous projects on the horizon. Mallorca, … Read more

Solar energy in buildings: meeco sun2roof® solutions


The Revolutionary Role of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Technology Solar Photovoltaic (PV) can make a significant contribution towards reducing the energy and environmental footprint of buildings. Helped by features like scalability, ease of use, and declining price, PV has become the predominant renewable technology. Its application in buildings is particularly notable. Estimates suggest that rooftop PV … Read more

Maximizing Value with meeco sun2roof® Solutions

meeco sun2roof® solutions

The Power of sun2roof® Solar Installations for Industrial Buildings Factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings often have significant roof space. Their high energy consumption makes them ideal locations for sun2roof® solar panel installations. Over the past few years, more and more businesses have realized the potential to harness free renewable energy. This is achieved simply by … Read more

Nießlbeck Butcher’s Green Revolution with sun2roof® PV System

sun2roof® system

When the sun shines, it’s cool. Nießlbeck butcher introduces sun2roof® system, a cutting-edge green solution to generate solar energy for operating their cooling system and significantly reduce electricity costs. Revolutionizing Energy with sun2roof® system In the picturesque town of Berg b. Neumarkt, Germany, Nießlbeck butcher takes a bold step towards sustainability. Every beam of sunlight now … Read more

Renewable Energy Solutions: Brauerei Stauder’s Solar Success

Renewable Energy Solutions

Although the Jacob Stauder Brauerei in Essen had repeatedly thought about using its roofs to generate solar energy and cover part of its energy consumption, the idea remained just an idea for a long time. What was decisive and what made sure that this idea did not just remain as such, it was the meeting … Read more

Spain´s second renewable energy boom


“Spain is one of the countries leading the solar renaissance in Europe,” stated the SolarPower Europe Policy Analyst Raffaele Rossi. In October 2018, the Spanish government officially cancelled the infamous “sun tax”, which hindered and discouraged the development of solar energy in Spain. It is therefore no wonder, that in 2018, 235 MW were added to the national grid. Compared to 2017, the installed capacity increased by 94%.

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Energy Systems and meeco complete 4 solar rooftop projects in Saudi Arabia

sun2roof solar rooftop projects with a total capacity of 146.6 kWp commissioned

The Saudi Arabian renewable energy company Energy Systems and The meeco Group part-nered in 2018 in order to support the country’s clean energy approach and equip private as well as commercial customers with sustainable energy solutions. Taking into account the excel-lent preconditions for renewable energy systems in the country, the declining prices for PV technologies and the growing interest of Saudi Arabia’s government to shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources, the exploitation of solar energy represents a promising oppor-tunity for private as well as commercial consumers. Within the scope of the founded joint venture company oursun Saudi Arabia, the first four sun2roof solar projects with a total capac-ity of 146.6 kWp have now been completed and ensure an annual clean energy generation of about 250 MWh.

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