Interview with George Kitoudis: Head of Site Implementation & Operations at The meeco Group


Towards assessment and optimisation of solar plants across the globe

George Kitoudis counts over 20 years of expertise in energy and environmental engineering as a systems designer, site supervisor and project manager. He experienced during his career a great number of areas such as solar heating and cooling, air ventilation as well as small solar thermal after which he started to work in the solar electric sector in the domains of production planning optimisation, warehouse management as well as logistics. Mr. Kitoudis joined The meeco Group team in 2008 as Head of Site Implementation & Operations and director of meeco’s Greek subsidiary, meeco Services Hellas S.A. Having now worked well over 10 years in the solar industry, George helps meeco on a global scale and daily to realise its mission towards clean energy and resource efficiency by overseeing the proper operation of multiple global renewable energy systems. Through this interview, given right after his recent business trip to meeco’s subsidiary in Pakistan to supervise the installation of a sun2roof system for a key industrial customer, George shares with us the global dimension of his responsibilities, as well as the opportunities and the challenges encountered.

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