SETL meeco launched an autonomous photovoltaic installation on Aigrettes Island




August 11, 2014


10:11 am



Thanks to SETL meeco, one of the leading suppliers of “off the shelf” energy solutions in Mauritius, the Aigrettes island now has its own autonomous mobile photovoltaic system. The installation on this preservation island consisting of 1 iKUbe F150 equipped with 18 units of photovoltaic modules was commissioned by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. It went into operation on March 17th 2014.

According to SETL meeco Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Ashveen Kissoonah, the photovoltaic panels will be able to generate a maximum of 3 kW and will meet the total demand for power required by the foundation employees on the 26-hectare island.

quote“SETL meeco offered a working photovoltaic system to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to enhance the worker´s quality of life on the island. Some of the employees live on the island, and therefore an adequate utility was essential to meet their daily needs such as showers, cooking, entertainment and keeping in touch with their families or with the office through the use of ICT. We have chosen the iKube F150 model for the Aigrettes Island since it is a mobile photovoltaic generator ready to use. This model works in non-grid zones and even at night since it contains batteries. Thanks to this model, Aigrettes Island is now totally autonomous in its electricity production”

Dr. Ashveen Kissoonah, SETL meeco Chief Operating Officer



The system installed fits perfectly in the environment since it is compact and silent. The ikube F150 system operates with silicon monocrystalline cells and includes batteries recharged by the solar energy generator. The General Manager of SETL meeco, Prakash Ramiah, emphasizes the main advantages of the installation thus:

quote“No emission and no fuel cost at all and a reliable energy supply for the needs of the users on the island whenever needed has been made possible with that installation.”


If you are interested in our iKube F150, have a look at our brochure:



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