sun2light mini: the next generation of bright solar LED lighting portable energy and storage solution




August 11, 2014


8:51 am
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You live and work in a remote area without any electricity supply and you are searching for a zero emissions portable solar lighting system equipped with the latest ultra efficient solar LED lamps?

So, sun2light is made for you!


Read on and find out more about the sun2light mini product range of The meeco Group:

As a leading supplier of renewable energy solutions, meeco answers clients needs with specific services and solutions by delivering the most reliable and affordable clean energy. To further complete this mission, The meeco group has launched a wide range of sun2light products.
Through this portable mini lighting system, meeco delivers an energy storage solution that suits your local requirements and community needs especially in regions with no connection to the electricity grid.


Briefcase 150 W (3) Suitcase 300 W (9)


sun2light mini convinces with 5 key competitive advantages:

• Efficiency
sun2light mini is composed of solar panels and intelligent solar lighting controller in order to create a truly sustainable solution.

• Long life time
sun2light mini provides portable clean energy of over 50.000 hours.

• High quality
sun2light products are characterized by the latest ultra efficient LED lamp technology.

• Green energy
sun2light mini is a purely green and sustainable solution operating without any damaging carbon or odour emissions.

• Freedom
sun2light portable system will follow you everywhere you go. It is easy to install and to carry and it produces clean energy independently from any grid connection. With sun2light, you get your own source of electricity and avoid any energy shortfall.
For more details about the different items and specifications of sun2light mini, download here our sun2light mini brochure.


Where can sun2light products be used?

sun2light adapts itself to any kind of areas and environments. Below, you will find some examples. This list is not exhaustive of course. You can share and tell us more about your way of using sun2light by clicking on the icons on the top of the page.

• Public, Led street lighting, on pylons…
• Rural areas
• Parks, Outside…
• Primary source of lighting at the absence of an utility power distribution
• Highways
• Parking
• Shopping malls
• Golf, terrain courses, stadiums…
• Camping, travelling


meeco offers a wide range of products to answer to every needs of clean energy supply: sun2light, sun2live, sun2safe… If you are interested in finding further information download our brochure below or visit our website.



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