Major sun2flow Project completed in a Paraguayan ranch




August 25, 2014


4:09 pm


Drinking water pumping system for a large cattle farm in Paraguay

Another sun2flow project in Paraguay, involving the installation of a solar water pumping system for a large cattle farm through the subsidiary of The meeco Group in Paraguay, meeco América Latina is finally completed. This project has been initiated back in November 2013 but has been delayed due to extreme climatic conditions accompanied by strong floodings in the country. From today, the installation is entirely operable in the Paraguayan region of Chaco to fulfill all requirements of the customer.

The remote location of the farm does not allow for access to the electricity grid making autonomous energy generation a necessity for the functionality of the farm. meeco´s sun2flow turnkey solutions meet these needs by providing water pumping via high quality solar modules combined with water pumps of renowned manufactures, which drastically reduces costs and efforts to distribute drinking water and thus, increase cattle breeding profitability.


  sun2flow-meeco-ParaguayWP-2   sun2flow-meeco-ParaguayWP-4


meeco América Latina has put many efforts into this project, which allows farmers to pump water from reservoirs into tanks to provide water for cattle. The solution has been implemented with fifteen fixed Solar installations of 1.920 Wp each and combined with eleven pumps, which can be changed among the solar arrays. One mobile version of the sun2flow system has also been delivered with 1.960 Wp Lightway polycrystalline modules to support the fixed systems to face peak consumption times. The whole range is assembled with top tier Grundfos Pumps and Würth CIS modules.


Average performance of the sun2flow installation:

sun2flow-meeco-ParaguayWP-3 • Grundfos Pumps generate 15.000 litres per hour at 10 metres high

• The whole system generates  1.100.000 litres per day

• and is enough to provide water for 25.000 cattle


quote“This sun2flow water pumping system will bring reliability and flexibility to the farmer. The real added value of this project is to drastically reduce energy costs and efforts of fuel distribution. We estimate that the saved Diesel purchase and transport costs will match the investment volume within already a year. Thanks to these subsequent cost savings, the farmer is better armed to overcome the economic difficulties caused after the heavy rainfalls of the last months and can remain competitive in the future. The numerous sun2flow projects installed by meeco in the Paraguayan Chaco prove that many ranchers of this remote area share our vision of an ideal clean energy solution in off-grid areas.”

Dr. Oliver Jann, Director of meeco América Latina