meeco’s Solar Energy Projects in Antigua



July 3, 2024


4:25 pm
solar energy

The utilisation of solar irradiation during the summer is crucial for the optimisation of renewable energy generation. With extended daylight hours and an increase in the intensity of solar radiation, this season provides optimal conditions for maximising energy production through photovoltaic systems.

Maximizing Energy Production with Extended Daylight Hours

The extended hours of daily sunlight in summer allow solar panels to increase their operating time, which translates into higher energy production. This increase in electricity generation allows households and businesses to significantly reduce their electricity costs. In addition, the surplus energy produced can be fed into the grid, generating additional income.

Antigua’s Ideal Climate for Solar Energy Projects

Antigua, with its tropical warm climate and abundant hours of sunshine throughout the year, is an ideal location for the implementation of solar projects and the generation of clean energy. The island receives an average of 7 to 9 hours of sunshine per day, allowing photovoltaic systems to function optimally. Even during the rainy season, sunny days are common, ensuring constant energy production.

Harnessing Sunlight: Advantages and Environmental Benefits

Harnessing sunlight in summer offers countless advantages, from reducing energy costs to protecting the environment. The meeco Group, a leading company in renewable energy solutions, aware of this great potential, is especially proud to announce an installation at the Dr. John’s Hospital in Antigua with 389.12kWp/364kVA and 1216 solar panels. This project will not only supply electricity to the hospital, but also, secondarily, help to improve conditions for patients. For meeco, health is one of the most important things, and to be able to contribute to it through renewable energy is a source of great satisfaction.

Flexible Installations to Suit Various Needs

However, the installations provided by The meeco Group are designed to suit different needs, from small residential systems to commercial applications. This flexibility ensures that the benefits of solar energy can be maximised in a variety of contexts. Furthermore, these projects not only provide clean and affordable energy to end users, but also contribute to Antigua’s sustainable development, improving energy security and promoting self-sufficiency.

meeco's Solar Energy Projects in Antigua

Announcing New Solar Installations in Antigua

It is therefore also with great satisfaction that we announce that another 10 solar installations are currently underway on the island of Antigua. These installations, although small, with a range in capacity from 1.95 kWp to 7.8 kWp, and a power output of 5 kVA, are no less important This makes it possible to provide power not only to large companies, but also to households on the island.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability in Solar Energy

meeco is committed to using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality installation practices to ensure the efficiency and durability of the solar systems. This includes the use of highly efficient solar panels and energy storage systems to ensure a continuous and reliable supply. With each project, meeco reaffirms its commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future, demonstrating that solar energy is a viable and win-win solution.

Solar Energy Projects

Gratitude and Acknowledgements for Solar Energy Projects

The meeco Group would like to express its sincere thanks to all parties involved in this effort. Special dedication goes to those responsible for the project management of the Hospital, including its Project Manager, Health and Safety Coordinator, Engineers, and other administrative staff. Their trust, constant support, dedication and collaboration have been fundamental to our collective success. Our sincere thanks also to our suppliers, partners and contractors, whose unwavering support and commitment to excellence have been indispensable to our operations.