The importance of IP: The meeco Group


Sonia Gandolfi


December 17, 2023


10:29 pm

Registering a trademark is a fundamental step for every company that wishes to affirm its presence on the market, making its brand unique and well recognizable.

Taking care of Intellectual Property to stand out on the markets has always been an integral part of The meeco Group. Our branding philosophy and strategy have become the true hallmark and the essence of the company, both linked to a very clear and distinguishable image.

Continuing in this direction, in 2023 The meeco Group successfully registered new community trademarks relating to services in the financial management and investment fields, the e-mobility and the development of customized solutions and installations. These are activities always related to the field of solar and renewable energy, but aimed at highlighting and identifying the diversification of what The meeco Group can offer thanks to its expertise and network in the international markets.