Energy Efficiency: meeco’s Commitment for the Future



March 15, 2024


3:25 pm

Celebrating World Energy Efficiency Day

Last week, on March 5th was the World Energy Efficiency Day. Since 1998, Energy Efficiency Day has been an initiative aimed to raise awareness of the need to reduce energy consumption through reasonable and sustainable energy use.

The True Meaning of Energy Efficiency

Contrary to what many people think, improving energy efficiency does not mean compromising comfort and quality of life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Improving energy efficiency involves optimizing production processes and reducing energy consumption, along with a shift towards using renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. It also encompasses promoting responsible consumption and recycling, among other sustainable practices. There are many simple actions we can take all year long. In addition to their environmental benefits, these actions can also lead to financial savings.

meeco: Pioneers in the Energy Transition

Commitment to a decarbonized society is everyone’s task. For this reason, at meeco we are working to achieve a sustainable future and we are also committed to promoting the energy transition, a challenge that we undertook more than two decades ago, when we decided to bed on solar and renewable energies to build our clean and reliable business model.

meeco's energy efficiency

Spreading Renewable Energy Worldwide

In line with our commitment to sustainability, at meeco we work to spread renewable energy worldwide. The oursun® solar solutions meeco presents today stem from years of dedicated experience in development, sales, and project management, focusing primarily on renewable energies. Additionally, these efforts are complemented by a strong commitment to resource management and conservation.

Our Mission and Solutions

Our mission as a renewable energy company is to contribute to sustainable development and to provide our clients and partners with services necessary for timely financing, installation, and operation of clean energy assets. We offer high-end engineering, management and investment solutions, in our regional offices or through strategic partners worldwide, in order to address local requirements and community needs.

Setting Us Apart

The combination of Swiss-designed and German-engineered high-quality energy solutions, along with our great international network of partners and highly skilled, trained, certified, and dedicated experts, distinctly positions us in the industry. All these points clearly set us apart from competitors. The meeco Group is fully vertically integrated for all services our clients might ask and need.

Clean Energy Future

Inspiring a Clean Energy Future

Creating efficient and sustainable renewable energy projects inspires us constantly on our path towards a clean energy future. Our aim at meeco is to enable everyone to benefit from cost-effective and environmentally friendly solar power production as an alternative to fossil fuel energy.

Energy Efficiency: Discover meeco’s Solar Solutions

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