meeco presents new innovative and flexible renewable energy mounting system




June 20, 2019


2:12 pm

Solar PV rope solution sun2rope to be launched in African Safari camps

The Swiss-headquartered renewable energy generation and energy storage company The meeco Group has just launched its latest solar PV mounting solution. The sun2rope system offers a totally flexible and innovative way to build a solar energy system without the application of obstructing substructures harming the environment. By mounting the solar modules on special high-quality ropes, which are attached to walls or pillars, a totally customised clean energy supply can be established nearly any-where. meeco is currently executing the first sun2rope projects in Kenya for commercial clients.


The model shows an example of a sun2rope solar installation.


In terms of energy generation, solar PV technology offers one of the most sustainable possibilities to produce reliable power. However, the construction of metal substructures for the installation of solar PV modules can be disturbing and harmful to the nature or simply not possible for example over ravines or between buildings. The sun2rope solar solution is designed to protect the landscape and to minimise this impact to the natural environment. Through the mounting of the modules on flexible ropes, there is no need for substructures covering the ground, but only for wooden or steel pillars or already existing walls. “The transport of our sun2rope system requires minimal effort as we utilise very low weight technical ropes,” states Thomas Beindorf, Chief Technical Officer of The meeco Group. “Especially for the planned project for safari lodges in Kenya, this is a huge advantage and facilitates the implementation process.”


The quick and smooth construction of the system including the mounting of the modules represents a highly innovative way to establish a consistent clean energy generation. Even in case of little space or on uneven surfaces, sun2rope can be installed easily, for example by using canals or rivers by spanning panels over the water or by transforming the space between two buildings into a solar plant.


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