Achieve Energy Independence with sun2live® meeco Solutions



February 29, 2024


3:42 pm

A self-sufficient home, empowered by sun2live® meeco solutions, can independently produce all the energy it needs. This eliminates the need to rely on an external power supply, showcasing the true potential of energy independence. These energy self-sufficient homes harness renewable energy, like solar power through sun2live® meeco solutions, for intelligent heating and cooling. Additionally, they utilize this green energy to power lights and domestic appliances, embodying the pinnacle of sustainable living. This approach helps limit emissions and plays a significant role in achieving electrification. It embodies the essence of sustainable living through innovative energy solutions.

sun2live® meeco solutions

Energy independence is now becoming a reality for more and more people around the world. In fact, if done correctly, it’s highly recommended as it can reduce energy bills and carbon footprint. 

Trust the experience of The meeco Group to achieve this goal with sun2live® meeco solutions. 

meeco sun2live®  solar power generation and energy storage solutions are designed to adapt to local conditions and meet the specific needs of every client. The configurations of sun2live® systems are defined by two main parameters. These are the nominal power capacity of the equipment in kilowatts (kW) and the power storage capacity of the battery equipment in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Our engineers consider these parameters, along with the local settings and requirements. This enables them to design the most appropriate solar power generation and energy storage solution, helping different consumers achieve energy independence and self-sufficiency.

The meeco team is currently working on various residential projects in Europe and overseas aimed at making households independent and self-sufficient.

meeco solar solutions

For our sun2live® modular solutions, we utilize the latest and most advanced, yet bankable technologies of solar power generation and a variety of energy storage solutions. This ensures power availability throughout the day, even under rainy and cloudy conditions, and during nighttime.

Custom sizes for all power and storage requirements and all types of applications can incorporate a variety of:

  • Top-tiar PV solar modules.
  • PV mountings systems (mainly for roof but also for ground applications).
  • Battery sizes, capacities, and technologies (e.g., lithium, vanadium, lead-acid GEL).
  • Power inverter and charge controller sizes and brands.
  • sun2see®  monitoring system.
  • Housings for electrical components.

How to make a house self-sufficient from an energy point of view?

Most of the houses and residential properties can become self-sustaining entities. They achieve this by maximizing the production and use of renewable energy and reducing waste.

Storing the solar energy produced by the PV system during hours of direct sunlight allows to use the accumulated energy even at night or on a rainy day. Therefore, installing a home storage battery is essential to meeting specific home’s energy needs.

The key to energy efficiency is ensuring that all appliances are powered by self-produced energy. In other words, the full electrification of a family’s energy needs is an essential prerequisite for a home to become self-sufficient. This allows for maximum cost reduction and sustainability. This can be achieved by switching from traditional gas stoves and boilers to electric induction hobs and heat pumps. To further improve the energy efficiency, at least grade A appliances should be also chosen, and energy-efficient LED bulbs should be used.

To limit energy waste, it is also important to properly insulate the house. This would allow for limited heat loss in winter and improves cooling efficiency during summer. 

energy-independent house

What are the main advantages of an energy-independent house?

A self-sufficient home allows people to reduce energy consumption costs, without having to give up comfort. “Once a sun2live®  system has been installed, perfectly sized for the energy needs of the specific customer and all of the energy is generated from renewable sources and appropriately stored,” says Mr. Bovensiepen, CEO of The meeco Group, ”users are protected from sudden price fluctuations – and this is a fundamental aspect, especially at this time.”  

“Anyway, it is not just the economic benefits that push us to believe in and promote a green philosophy. Sustainability and environmental protection are priorities at meeco”, states Mr. Bovensiepen. “Raise people’s awareness of a green lifestyle and make them aware that living in a self-sufficient home is an advantage, not only for their wallet but also for the environment, it’s really a great result and inspires us constantly on our path towards a clean energy future”.

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