Solar Carport Market: Unveiling Its Huge Potential


Introduction: A Bright Future for the Solar Carport Market Globally, the solar carport market is poised for remarkable growth. Indeed, its flexibility and effectiveness make it one of the preferred sustainable energy solutions. Revolutionizing Parking Spaces: Dual Benefits of Solar Carports The possibility of transforming parking lots belonging to companies, private households, and local authorities … Read more

Groupe Filatex and meeco implementing sun2park solar solutions in Madagascar

Installation of two 45 kWp clean energy systems

Having entered the renewable energy market in Madagascar in 2018, The meeco Group is about to start the installation of the first small scale solar projects on the island. meeco’s international team is currently performing the last installation preparations for two 45 kWp sun2park solar solutions, energy custom-made for carports, to be commissioned near Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The projects were developed in close cooperation with Groupe Filatex, a renowned Malagasy company, with its subsidiary ENELEC being one of the leading energy producers on the island.

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