Safari lodge in Kenya to benefit from clean solar energy and storage



July 13, 2018


2:07 pm

meeco brings sun2rope and sun2safe solar energy systems to a 1920’s Safari Camp

The establishment of a reliable electricity supply represents an enormous challenge for off-grid tourist destinations in Africa such as remote Safari lodges. Located in the Olderkesi Wildlife Conservancy in Masai Mara, Kenya, a famous 1920’s Safari camp is currently nearly exclusively powered by energy produced from diesel gensets due to a missing connection to the electrical grid. In order to reduce the dependence on these cost-extensive and polluting energy sources, meeco will install a 50 kWp sun2rope mounted solar energy solution in combination with a sun2safe energy management system at the isolated and exclusive Safari lodge. sun2rope offers an efficient and fast way to deploy and enable the generation of solar energy as the modules are mounted on special long-life ropes, which are attached to pillars. Thereby, no substructures disturbing the unique landscape are needed, and a smooth, quick and reliable installation is ensured.

We will install a 50 kWp sun2rope mounted solar energy solution in combination with a sun2safe energy management system at this Safari Camp.

The materials for the installation of the sun2rope and sun2safe energy solutions have already been shipped to Kenya in order to start the construction process within the later part of July. The 50 kWp sun2rope mounted solar energy solution will generate about 220 kWh of useable renewable energy per day and the sun2safe energy management system offers additionally a storage capacity of 160 kWh. Through the implementation of meeco‘s clean energy solutions, the Safari Camp will even more emphasise its approach of a responsible and sustainable tourism, which aims towards avoiding any negative impacts on the environment and maintaining the culture and wildlife of the conservancy for generations to come.

Guests of the Safari Camp during a rude with our solar powered sun2move electric bikes.

Started as a pilot project several months ago, guests of this Safari Camp already benefit from another clean energy solution of The meeco Group. During a ride with meeco‘s solar powered electric bikes sun2move, tourists can enjoy the wilderness around the lodge and the nature of the conservancy. meeco‘s sun2move e-bikes combine the advantages of solar power and electric mobility and offer the possibility to explore the African wilderness powered by clean energy.

Find out more about our solar powered sun2move e-bikes and watch the video.

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