Nießlbeck Butcher’s Green Revolution with sun2roof® PV System


Sonia Gandolfi


January 26, 2024


1:47 pm
sun2roof® system

When the sun shines, it’s cool. Nießlbeck butcher introduces sun2roof® system, a cutting-edge green solution to generate solar energy for operating their cooling system and significantly reduce electricity costs.

Revolutionizing Energy with sun2roof® system

In the picturesque town of Berg b. Neumarkt, Germany, Nießlbeck butcher takes a bold step towards sustainability. Every beam of sunlight now transforms into precious green energy, thanks to the recently inaugurated PV system.

A Milestone Installation with 870 Photovoltaic Modules

On December 18, 2023, amidst the presence of the Bavarian town Mayor, Nießlbeck butcher marked a milestone with the successful commissioning of the sun2roof® PV system. Comprising 870 photovoltaic modules, this innovative green energy solution now plays a vital role in powering Nießlbeck’s operations.

The meeco Group’s skilled team faced a unique challenge – installing modules on three distinct roof structures. Undeterred, they completed the sun2roof® system assembly in a record six weeks. According to Mr. T. Nießlbeck, the managing director, the goal is to produce 20-25% of the company’s annual electricity needs, primarily for cooling.

sun2roof® system

Impressive Power and Efficiency: sun2roof® system

The sun2roof® system boasts a nominal power of almost 370 kWp, contributing significantly to Nießlbeck’s resource-efficiency goals. Mr. Nießlbeck expresses satisfaction, stating that over 90% of the solar energy generated will be utilized, and the initial investment will be recovered within five to six years.

Overcoming Challenges with meeco Industrial Services GmbH

Overcoming challenges with finesse, meeco Industrial Services GmbH, the subsidiary responsible for construction, successfully designed a substructure suitable for three diverse roof surfaces. Despite obstacles like chimneys and skylights, the team ensured minimal shading issues. The green light to build the sun2roof® system was given just two days after the presentation of the offer.

In a remarkable feat, meeco specialists assembled 870 modules on various buildings, covering approximately 1,700 square meters. The entire process, from climbing onto Nießlbeck butcher’s roof to electrical connection, took only three weeks, providing a reliable and “usable” source of electricity.

Learn More about Green Energy Solutions

For additional information on green energy solutions, visit meeco and Industrial Climbing. Nießlbeck butcher embraces sun2roof®, leading the way in sustainable energy practices.