Rooftop installations on the rise for The meeco Group




August 17, 2011


2:07 pm

Since the recent Feed-in Tariff chances across the European solar photovoltaic markets, betting only on ground-mounted installations has become a very improbable strategic option. Indeed, this segment of the market has known better days and that is why most players in the market have felt the obligation to redefine their strategy for the years to come in Europe. After Spain’s retroactive Royal Decree 14/2010 approved in late January 2011, it was France’s turn to come up with a revision of the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” solar incentives in early March after a three-month freeze on ground-mounted installations. Finally, last June, the Conto Energia IV came out in Italy setting the basis for the end of the year and until 2016. The picture is very much the same with some variations in how governments decided to implement their Feed-in Tariff – ground-mounted installations are bound to progressively be redirected to land reclaim areas / away from farmland and rooftop systems seem to enjoy a rather good perception for “safe” medium to long-term development.

This situation is obviously not foreign to The meeco Group, who being actively in the middle of each of these markets has been following the policies up close for the last ten years. After last month’s successful grid connection of a first 63kW rooftop installation in Aspropyrgos, Greece, The meeco Group continues to increasingly value this option in European markets. “Our commitment to renewable energies and particularly solar PV has never been stronger” comments Dieter Trutschler, Director of Marketing & Sales. “Rooftop systems are very viable financially, and contrary to ground-mounted, in this scenario we are considerably closer to the grid connection point, making it all a shorter project development process” explains Trutschler.

The first rooftop installation in Greece is the mere continuation in a history of over 200 MW of solar PV installed across Europe in the last five and half years. The meeco Group is now actively engaged in rooftop developments in Greece but also in Germany, Italy, France and Spain – new renewable energy installations are being brought to life as we speak in these markets.