sun2safe makes you reach a new level of autarky




June 19, 2014


10:00 am


The cost of a photovoltaic system in Germany could be quickly refinanced by the high solar feed-in tariff only a few years ago. However – the payment has now decreased. Therefore nowadays it is highly economical to consume the self-generated solar energy by oneself. This makes energy storage solution to the core element of power systems of the future. The meeco group has now developed together with long term partners an all-in-one converter/ inverter with system energy management enabling better insight into power production and use, leading to better management of produced energy and savings.


quote„sun2safe is an ideal solution especially for the German market. Homeowners who have installed solar modules on their roof can become completely independent from the general power supply. Thanks to high-quality components they can enjoy this autarky over decades without high maintenance costs. This saves big money.”

The meeco Group


The main components of sun2safe:

  1. Battery charger with two PV ports and independent MPPT tracking 
  2. Inverter with pure sinusoidal output, powered by battery or AC line 
(single or three-phase depending on the chosen model)
  3. Autoreset Function without external kick start necessity
  4. 7” display for simple parameter consultation. All the information about 
the system can be also displayed remote, WEB and GSM.
  5. Simple installation, monitoring and control
  6. Extendable and stackable modular solution made to fit individual needs
  7. Multiuse – multifunction – heavy duty
  8. automatic and manual bypass for emergency/ 


quote „Besides the smooth production of solar energy, sun2safe allows a constant and close insight into power production as well as an optimal supervision of power use. With the help of sun2safe, owners can adjust an optimal and efficient energy consumption and storage.“

Peter Dussl, Sales Director sun2safe Germany