How meeco changes life in Paraguay


In spite of many efforts undertaken to expand and improve the water supply in Paraguay, the government still is not in the position to manage the provision of water to the whole country. This matter gets even worse for citizens living in remote areas, as many of them are ranchers whose work depends on their capacity to provide water to their cattle.

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Global events of renewable energy sector to influence The meeco Group


An international Team for the respect of environmental policies

In the course of the last years and even decades, the protection of the environment has become a matter of increasing awareness and importance. Indeed, our global environment requires more and more exchange, trading, interaction, production and consumption in order to thrive. However, to combine the expansion of human activity and the well being of both, humans within the environment, regulations have to be passed and followed.

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The meeco Group around the world : new series of presentations to start next week


The meeco Group has been active in a various number of countries these past years and has shared and spread its aims of sustainability and creating shared values utilising the expertise and support of its subsidiary and affiliate companies. The meeco Group commits everyday in these areas to improve the use of clean energies and to enable businesses, communities and also private households to improve their living conditions with green energy and sustainable technology.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Panels


The cleaning of a solar panels plant

Photovoltaic solar panels are a way to generate electricity thanks to an endless energy source that is the sun. This energy source  is available and at our disposal without any action required, in both remote and populated areas, while respecting the environment. New owners of a photovoltaic installations or potential future owners may wonder how to maintain their photovoltaic installation to maximise generation capacity.

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Corsica Prunu PV project officially connected to EDF/SEI Corsican grid, production has started.

The 4,5 MW project managed by The meeco Group in coordination with So/Lar Corse, ABB and Ralos has been successfully connected to the Corsican grid. Last Monday 29th November, the official “Mise en service industrielle” notification from EDF was communicated with the first kilowatts flowing into the grid on that same day. With the official … Read more

Corsica Prunu PV project officially accepted by the French CONSUEL

The 4,5 MW project managed by meeco AG in coordination with So/Lar Corse, ABB and Ralos has been officially approved by the CONSUEL – French association delivering the compliance visa with national electrical standards. “The approval process with the CONSUEL was positively short” explains Laurent Dittrick, in charge of Project Development for So/Lar Corse. “We … Read more