Corsica Prunu PV project officially accepted by the French CONSUEL



September 6, 2011


12:10 pm

The 4,5 MW project managed by meeco AG in coordination with So/Lar Corse, ABB and Ralos has been officially approved by the CONSUEL – French association delivering the compliance visa with national electrical standards.

“The approval process with the CONSUEL was positively short” explains Laurent Dittrick, in charge of Project Development for So/Lar Corse. “We were granted the approval on the exact same day of our visit to the CONSUEL, a process which usually takes up to 4 weeks to complete” add Dittrick.

To do so, the meeco AG team and its partners had to present a series of documents such as the positive reports from SOCOTEC (electrical compliance to French standards), detailed schemes of the park’s electrical configuration (e.g. low and medium tension lines), the compliance to the French protection standards, as well as the compliance of all the PV plant’s equipment with the French national standards.

“Obtaining the CONSUEL compliance in such a record time perfectly illustrates how extraordinary the organization and collaboration between all partners has been throughout the project” comments Eric Borremans, Head of project at meeco AG. “Once again, I want to congratulate all of our partners who helped us make Prunu happen. I truly believe that the meeco Group will continue delivering such high-quality and reliable renewable energy installations in the future” concludes Borremans.

Please find below some first impressions of the Prunu site.