The meeco Group around the world : new series of presentations to start next week




March 25, 2015


10:32 am


The meeco Group has been active in a various number of countries these past years and has shared and spread its aims of sustainability and creating shared values utilising the expertise and support of its subsidiary and affiliate companies. The meeco Group commits everyday in these areas to improve the use of clean energies and to enable businesses, communities and also private households to improve their living conditions with green energy and sustainable technology. The meeco Group provides investors and project owners a range of asset management services to ensure ongoing operational financial success of their clean energy assets. Thus, the company offers services such as the supervision of Operating & Maintenance contracts (O&M) and providers, the administration of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) – limited companies created to fulfill temporary objectives-, as well as billing and accounting.

The purpose of this series of presentations is to give an overview of the international dimension of the company and support awareness of The meeco Group’s work worldwide.


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As of next week, The meeco Group will start to present its subsidiaries and affiliates, beginning with meeco Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., located in Lahore, Pakistan. This first weekly release is scheduled for Wednesday, 1st April, 2015, and will be shared on the social networks pages of The meeco Group using the LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter platforms.


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