Powering Mallorca Future: The Rise of PV Solutions by meeco

PV Solutions

In the sun-kissed heaven of Mallorca, a renewable energy revolution is underway, fueled by the pioneering efforts of meeco, a leading provider of photovoltaic (PV) solutions.  Sustainability in sunny Mallorca As the demand for sustainable energy continues to surge, Mallorca stands ready to set a shining example of solar innovation with numerous projects on the horizon. Mallorca, … Read more

Solar Panel on Water: The sun2water® Revolution


Exploring the Dawn of a New Era in Sustainability In a world thirsty for sustainable solutions, solar panel technology on water emerges as an oasis of innovation. This trend not only points to a greener future but also offers a ray of hope for communities facing a shortage of drinking water. Join us on this … Read more

The meeco Group signs MoU with Oxygen Group in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe blog

Swiss group wants to expand its business in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa)

Zug/Harare. The meeco Group has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Zimbabwean Venture Partnership and Business Advisory Firm Oxygen Group, which aims to promote and develop the solar energy solutions of The meeco Group in Zimbabwe. The MoU has been signed in Dubai on 30th May by representatives of both parties and is already effective.

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