Marriott Hotel Guyana to be equipped by meeco with sun2live/sun2roof solar energy & sun2safe XL storage system



May 31, 2018


12:19 pm

Hotel in Georgetown to shave off energy costs and to avoid 900 tons of CO2 emissions

The Marriott Hotel Guyana in Georgetown will soon benefit from an eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply. We have concluded an agreement on a solar power installation with the leading five-star hotel in Guyana to reduce its dependence on expensive diesel and shave off its energy costs accordingly.

Marriott Hotel offers enough space for a sun2roof solar solution by The meeco Group
The Marriott Hotel offers enough space for a sun2roof solar solution by The meeco Group.


After a comprehensive site assessment including the measurement of the real power consumption, Marriott and meeco have decided upon an effective approach: by utilising unexploited free spaces, we will construct a mixture of sun2live ground- and sun2roof roof-mounted solar energy systems with a total capacity of up to 900 kWp, which will allow for a total annual energy production of approx. 1,200,000 kWh. Our solar energy system will save approx. 430,000 litres of diesel and will accordingly avoid approx. 900 tons of CO2 emissions every year.

The sun2roof and sun2live systems will be equipped with our tier-one polycrystalline photovoltaic modules entailing a high resistance against salt mist and blowing sand as well as high performances even at low irradiance. The combination with meeco’s intelligent energy management system sun2safe XL including energy storage banks ensures smooth power supply even during cloudy days. This all-in-one shave off solution will be connected with meeco’s real time energy monitoring system sun2see to enable the hotel management concise and customised insights into all relevant performance parameters.


perfect conditions for sun2roof solar solution
There are perfect conditions for a rooftop solar solution.


“Apart from low and fixed energy costs, the Marriott Hotel Guyana will profit from a clean, sustainable and noiseless energy supply further elevating the standards of hospitality and tourism in Georgetown”, explains Mr. Monty Lewis, Director of Engineering of the Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown. “We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with meeco and trust that the solar installation will help us to foster the benefits of this renewable energy technology.”


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