sun2safe® Your Personal Energy Transition


Sonia Gandolfi


April 19, 2024


3:57 pm

meeco Green Solution for Energy Storage and Cost Saving

As battery energy storage systems are able to optimise the use of electricity, they ensure the most efficient operation of domestic and industrial solar solutions. They also guarantee continuity in the event of temporary power failures and makes self-consumption more effective: the exceeding energy produced during the day can be stored locally for later use, thus reducing the dependence on the electricity grid. 

A New Level of Self-Sustaining

sun2safe® offers a sustainable power supply providing energy to the point of need without interruptions. A special remote monitoring tool allows constant and close insights into the power production as well as an optimal management of the power consumption. This ensures a predictable energy spend, which is the basis for immediate and long-term cost savings. 

The possibility to integrate multiple energy sources makes the sun2safe® systems highly flexible. meeco sun2safe® solutions can be fed by the power of the sun, by the national grid or by other energy sources. By utilizing this efficient hybrid concept a steady and reliable energy supply can be guaranteed – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even during cloudy days, the winter season or in cases of blackouts. Surplus produced energy can be stored for later use in the integrated batteries or can be fed into the grid. sun2safe® represents a multifunctional energy management and storage solution for a greener and cleaner future. 

Energy Efficiency and Reliable Energy Supply

sun2roof® and sun2live® photovoltaic systems in combination with sun2safe® storage systems offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to generate the required electricity on site and to consume or store it efficiently. Thanks to an integrated and intelligent online monitoring system, customers always have an exact overview of the generated solar energy, the current energy consumption and the available energy in the storage system. This energy management systems increase energy efficiency and ensure a steady and reliable energy supply.

sun2safe® as Intelligent Power Management

Our life is dependent on energy. meeco created an intelligent energy management solution giving customers the peace of mind running their businesses and homes trouble-free. 

sun2safe® is an all-in-one system consisting of top-tier batteries to store energy and a converter/inverter to convert the current suitable for all devices and applications. It is easily combinable with multiple energy sources. Through this flexible application and the independent selection of energy solutions meeco sun2safe® is perfectly suitable for various types of customers, needs and building requirements. 

Tailor-made Solutions

According to customer consumption needs and building specifications, meeco designs and configures both the sun2roof® or sun2live® PV system and the sun2safe® energy storage tailor-made. This includes:

  • Individual size of the sun2safe® system for all building/house types 
  • Individual battery power according to customer special requirements 
  • Adaptation of the sun2safe® to local power grid conditions 
  • Tailor-made solutions for flat roofs/gable roofs/pent roofs/carports etc. 
sun2safe® system by meeco

Can sun2safe® Be Added to an Existing Solar Energy System?

The sun2safeÒ storage system can be included in a solar energy system at the time of installation but also added to an existing one. Because they make solar energy more reliable, storage systems are becoming increasingly popular and the environmental benefits of solar energy make it an increasingly common alternative to traditional power generation. 

meeco sun2safe® systems offer from 10kWh to 500kWh of storage capacity.

Most homeowners opt for a 10kWh storage solution and generally also choose to connect only the most important appliances to the battery, such as the refrigerator and some sockets to charge phones, lights and the wi-fi system. In the event of a total blackout, the energy stored by a 10kWh sun2safe® system will last between 10 and 12 hours, depending on what the battery needs to power. As a reference, a 10kWh sun2safe® system can run a refrigerator for 14 hours, a TV set for 130 hours or a single LED bulb for 1,000 hours.

sun2safe® Energy Storage System

Advantages of sun2safe® Energy Storage System

With sun2safe® energy storage system, you can consume more self-generated energy than you take from the grid. This is called self-consumption, which is the ability of households or companies to generate their own energy and is an important concept in today’s energy transition. One of the advantages of self-consumption is that customers only use the electricity grid when they are not using their own self-generated energy, which allows them to save costs and avoid the risk of power outages. 

Energy independence through self-consumption or living off the grid means you do not have to rely on a utility to cover your energy needs and this protects you from price spikes, supply fluctuations and blackouts. 

If one of the main reasons for installing solar panels is due to a higher environmental consciousness, adding a sun2safe® to the system helps achieving maximum performance in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. 

Combine independence with climate protection. 

With sun2safe® you contribute to significantly reducing CO2 emission on our planet.

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