Jumby Bay island to benefit from additional clean energy supply




June 22, 2018


11:46 am

  The sun2roof solar system on Jumby Bay.

PV Energy equips Antiguan island with autonomous sun2live micro grid

The small private island Jumby Bay, located in the north of Antigua, will soon reach almost complete autarky in terms of power supply. After the installation of eleven sun2live and sun2roof solar installations with a total capacity of 404 kWp last year, the clean energy provider PV Energy now expands this solar energy project and is about to implement a sun2safe xl managed micro grid. Upon completion of this installation, the whole area will nearly exclusively be supplied with reliable and carbon-free quality energy, which makes the island a model example for sustainability.

A part of the energy supply of the private island, hosting a five-star resort, hotel and private residences, is already covered by PV Energy’s ground-mounted sun2live and sun2roof rooftop solar systems installed on different buildings, such as offices and workshops. Through the additional installation of 804 kW of sun2live solar, and a sun2safe xl energy management unit comprising 560 kWh battery storage and 2.2 MW grid forming inverter capacity, Jumby Bay can enhance its own micro grid and become increasingly independent from polluting fossil fuels.


This is just a part of the whole PV Energy solar system on Jumby Bay.

This is just a part of the whole PV Energy solar system on Jumby Bay.


Through the combination of top-tier solar installations, powerful sun2safe energy management with batteries and a grid forming inverter, a stable local grid will be established and a high-quality current in terms of voltage stability and frequency ensures the independence from other energy sources. 14 individual solar solutions on small to medium-sized areas and roofs will work as one interconnected and interacting system. Moreover, the fall-back diesel generators will not be online or in idle operation most of the time, since in case of an urgent and high power need the high-performance sun2safe xl managed battery system will ensure the power supply until the generator has started up to support the solar installation and thereby supply sufficient energy to the operations on the island.


A more detailed overview over the complete sun2roof installation.


“During the execution of this sun2safe xl managed sun2live micro grid project, one of the most important challenges is to integrate the solar systems without disturbing residents and visitors of Jumby Bay, without harming the outer appearance of the facilities as well as without interrupting or hampering on-going guest operations”, states George Kitoudis, Head of Site Implementation & Operations of PV Energy. “After one year of project preparation and data gathering to record the real consumption during peak times, such as during Easter and Christmas season, we are glad to implement our sun2safe xl managed sun2live micro grid project and thereby support the island that will no longer be exclusively reliant on the import and logistics of cost-extensive fossil fuels”.

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