meeco Celebrates Milestone Achievement



April 3, 2024


2:11 pm

Three Landmark sun2roof® PV Installations in Alicante with a total capacity of 269,23kWp

meeco, a leader in renewable energy solutions, is delighted to announce the successful deployment and integration of three pioneering Photovoltaic (PV) sun2roof®  / sun2park®  installations in Alicante. Positioned strategically in prominent locations in Alicante, the National Archaeological Museum of Alicante – MARQ, the Public Sport Center – Hogar Provincial, and the Technical Office of the Alicante Provincial Council – Oficina Técnica de la Diputación de Alicante represent a significant step forward in embracing sustainable energy practices within the region.

Each sun2roof® installation, seamlessly integrated into the electricity grid with zero injection of the surplus energy, aims to enhance the energy efficiency and sustainability of the three buildings, leading to their increased savings in the electricity consumption and a notable reduction in carbon footprint. 

This achievement charts a promising course towards a greener, more eco-conscious future for Alicante.

In detail, the installations include:

MARQ Museum. The sun2roof®  installation was executed on the premises of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, with a capacity of 117,18kWp, comprising 252 units of the 465W PV modules.

Oficina Técnica. Positioned atop the parking bay of the Technical Office Building of the Alicante Provincial Council, this sun2park®  installation incorporated 80 units of 465W PV modules reaching a total capacity of 37,2kWp.

Hogar Provincial. With 247 units of 465W PV modules, this sun2roof®  installation commands 114.85kWp of PV capacity.

sun2roof® PV Installations

For meeco, this achievement holds a profound significance, considering its deep ties to Alicante, with one of its oldest standing offices being located in the city itself. The opportunity to supply sun2® sustainable energy solutions to key buildings under the auspices of the “Diputación,” Provincial Council Administration of Alicante, is something meeco and specially our Alicantinian staff members are very proud of.

meeco would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to all stakeholders involved in this endeavour with a special dedication to the project management counterparts at the Diputación, with its Project Manager, Health & Safety Coordinator, Engineers, and other admin staff. Their trust, unwavering support, dedication, and collaboration have been instrumental in our collective success.  Considerate thanks go to our suppliers, partners, and contractors, whose steadfast support and commitment to excellence have been indispensable to our operations. We look forward to continuing this journey together, achieving even greater heights.