Groupe Filatex and meeco implementing sun2park solar solutions in Madagascar




March 28, 2019


10:40 am

Installation of two 45 kWp clean energy systems

Having entered the renewable energy market in Madagascar in 2018, The meeco Group is about to start the installation of the first small scale solar projects on the island. meeco’s international team is currently performing the last installation preparations for two 45 kWp sun2park solar solutions, energy custom-made for carports, to be commissioned near Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The projects were developed in close cooperation with Groupe Filatex, a renowned Malagasy company, with its subsidiary ENELEC being one of the leading energy producers on the island.

meeco’s two sun2park solar solutions will be installed in the city of Antananarivo, at buildings belonging to or developed by the Groupe Filatex.


sun2park will offer clean and sustainable energy at this parking area.


One of the main objectives of the partnership between the Groupe Filatex and meeco is to support the government of Madagascar in its endeavor to strengthen the local renewable energy sector, in order to reach the target of energy access for 70% of the population by 2030. The first 45 kWp sun2park system, to be installed in the Ankorondrano area, will provide about 70.36 MWh of clean energy annually and thereby will contribute to save 42 tons of COper year. The tailor-made PV sun2park solution is comprised of 880 modules, chosen specifically to conform aesthetically with its surroundings.

The second solar project also includes sun2park systems with a total capacity of 45 kWp, distributed across three sites chosen by Filatex like the premises of the Alhambra Gallery and the offices of Filatex. The installation is designed to generate up to 70.36 MWh per year ensuring a clean and reliable energy supply for the respective buildings.


Several parking areas like this offer necessary spaces for our sun2park solution.


“The PV panels have already been shipped, while the rest of the material will follow within the next few days, so that we will most likely start work in April,” explains Thomas Beindorf, meeco’s CTO. “The close cooperation and mutual understanding with Filatex are gratifying. Even though we are in the development and implementation process of two other large scale sun2live systems with our partner Filatex, we are more than happy to put these two small renewable energy projects into place, which will not only bring economical and clean energy to the users but will also be beneficial for both partners for the future joint solar business in Madagascar.”


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