Installation of solar solutions on Jumby Bay island completed

The energy generation and storage solutions sun2live on the island Jumby Bay next to Antigua.

PV Energy provides Antiguan island with clean energy

The twin-island state Antigua and Barbuda has taken a leading role in terms of clean energy supply in the Caribbean. This leadership has now once again been strengthened through the completion of eleven sun2live and sun2roof solar installations on the small private island Jumby Bay in the north of Antigua by our UK-based renewable energy joint venture PV Energy Limited.

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Antigua and Barbuda pioneering in clean energy in the Caribbean

160226-Landing BA Plane at VC Bird International Airport Antigua Kopie

Government of twin island state has officially inaugurated 3 MWp solar power plant at V.C. Bird International Airport Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda’s electricity sector has just got much closer to becoming the greenest in the whole of the Caribbean. The national target to generate 20 per cent of the required electricity from solar energy is almost tangible. Yesterday, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda together with the UK-based clean energy provider PV Energy Limited and The meeco Group has officially inaugurated the 3 MWp solar power plant at the V.C.Bird International Airport of Antigua.

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350 kWp sun2live solar solution installed at Seasons Foods


The meeco Group to complete an extension of 150 kWp in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan. The meeco Group with its Pakistani joint venture, oursun Solar Power Ltd., has completed a 350 kWp sun2live rooftop installation at the Seasons Foods (Pvt) Ltd. site close to the city of Lahore in Pakistan. By the end of 2015, oursun Solar Power Ltd. will be extending the solar electricity supply of the meat processing company, with a new installation of additional 150 kWp in a second phase.

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