350 kWp sun2live solar solution installed at Seasons Foods



May 4, 2015


10:58 am


The meeco Group to complete an extension of 150 kWp in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan. The meeco Group with its Pakistani joint venture, oursun Solar Power Ltd., has completed a 350 kWp sun2live rooftop installation at the Seasons Foods (Pvt) Ltd. site close to the city of Lahore in Pakistan. By the end of 2015, oursun Solar Power Ltd. will be extending the solar electricity supply of the meat processing company, with a new installation of additional 150 kWp in a second phase. Concluded in 2014, the Power Purchase Agreement between oursun Solar Power Ltd and Seasons Foods (Pvt) Ltd. was initially aiming at the construction of a sun2live rooftop installation off up to 400 kWp, however, Seasons Food (Pvt) Ltd. has announced its wish to extend the contract to 700 kwp.


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The meeco Group has created a joint venture in Pakistan, oursun Solar Power Ltd., to strengthen its position in the country as well as to meet at best the important demand on this growing market since 2013. For a couple of years now, The meeco Group has successfully executed numerous projects under Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) contracts with renowned clients in Pakistan.

The PPA binding the two parties stipulates that oursun Solar Power Ltd. develops, designs, erects, owns, operates and maintains solar sun2live production facilities for a period of ten years on the premises of the customer. It also states that the joint venture will have to provide the produced energy to Seasons Foods at a fixed rate. With this installation, oursun Solar Power secures stable, forecastable and lower than grid price electricity cost for its clients, whilst itself generating regular and secured income through the contracts.

Installation of solar plant of sun2live in Pakistan
The ongoing installation of solar plant of sun2live in Pakistan at Seasons Foods

sun2live installation in progress at Seasons Foods
The installation of a sun2live project at Seasons Foods

The sun2live solar energy generation and in some cases storage solutions of The meeco Group can act as a 24/7 power supply source or a backup solution for small-to-medium sized and both grid-connected or off-grid uses. The sun2live solution provides alternative means of electricity to households, businesses and communities who today depend on the unreliability or the expensive cost of the grid.

The installation of the Seasons Foods’ project was initiated in April 2014 using high-quality European photovoltaic modules and inverters as well as mounting substructures system. These were especially tailor-made as per the local requirements in Pakistan and of the customers’ premises.


quote We were really happy to conclude this contract with Seasons Food and to be able to support them in the sustainable development of their company.”

Syed Saad Zafar, CEO of oursun Solar Power Ltd.


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