Solar system enhances efficiency of Pakistani food company


meeco’s sun2live rooftop installation supports work processes of Seasons Foods (Pvt) Ltd.

For years the occasionally strong growing economic development of Pakistan is falling well short of expectations. In comparison to other emerging countries the economic growth (4,1 percent in 2014, source: GIZ) continues to languish at a lower level. There are several reasons encouraging this weak development. One of the most urgent issues is the ongoing energy crisis containing energy shortages, which often lead to power cuts plunging the country into darkness.

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Pakistan: Ideal market for solar energy

2Pakistan-The meeco Group-solarenergy


Pakistan is highly dependent on fossil fuels with energy sources from oil at 15% and from gas reaching 50%. But the existing natural resources do not satisfy the energy needs of Pakistan. One third of Pakistan’s energy needs are met through imports, which increase the country’s energy bill. The lack of alternative energies is one of Pakistan´s main problems. The energy shortfall has reached 7,000 MW and will increase in the coming years since demand keeps climbs year on year.

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The meeco Group extends its business presence in Pakistan

meeco-Pakistan-Mustaqim project

Photovoltaic rooftop implemented by meeco for Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing

Karachi, Pakistan. On April 15th, Mustaqim Dyeing & Printing Pvt Ltd. and The meeco Group completed successfully phase one of a photovoltaic rooftop installation, which provides initially up to 20 kWp of clean electrical energy. The sun2roof system is a grid-tied rooftop installation with 280 German thin-film modules and Power One inverters (ABB). The meeco Group, through its local joint venture oursun Solar Power Ltd., was in charge of design, layout, engineering, planning, procurement, shipment and installation of the system.

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