Pakistan: Ideal market for solar energy




August 11, 2014


10:11 am

2Pakistan-The meeco Group-solarenergy


Pakistan is highly dependent on fossil fuels with energy sources from oil at 15% and from gas reaching 50%. But the existing natural resources do not satisfy the energy needs of Pakistan. One third of Pakistan’s energy needs are met through imports, which increase the country’s energy bill. The lack of alternative energies is one of Pakistan´s main problems. The energy shortfall has reached 7,000 MW and will increase in the coming years since demand keeps climbs year on year.

As part of a solution for this challenging situation, the increasing usage of solar energy is the answer. With its high number of sunshine hours Pakistan can generate a rate of 1.000 watts per square meter. Therefore, The meeco Group strongly recommends using this natural resource. In order to cover the current shortfall, Pakistan would just need a solar panel surface of 7 km2.


Developing solar power in remote and rural areas :

• e.g. provinces of Sindh and Balochistan

• Building transmission lines is a costly solution in these areas

• Areas are particularly suited for the exploitation of solar energy

• Still 90% of villages are still to be electrified

In Balochistan:
• 77% of the population lives in rural areas

• One of the highest in the world average of 8 to 8.5 sunshine hours a day

• Generating 19-20 MJ/m2

The meeco Group provides top tier solar systems, like sun2live and sun2safe which perfectly meet the needs of off-grid areas in developing countries. Especially their combination of clean power production with long-life storage devices make meeco´s solar solutions ideal for small to medium size power needs in Pakistan.


Pakistan-The meeco Group-solarenergy


The meeco Group has had a presence in Pakistan since 2005 and has already concluded over 30 projects with several companies and organizations. Some of these projects are still under construction but will be completed by the end of this year. The energy produced will be as much as 7,328 kWp. This only covers 0.1% of the energy shortfall in Pakistan but it is promising start for The meeco Group.

To name a few examples, The meeco Group has concluded a contract with Nishat Group for a solar panel rooftop which would be able to produce up to 2,000 kWp for the new Emporium mall in Lahore. At the same time The meeco Group is working on Power Purchase Agreements with the Seasons Group corporation regarding sun2live installations amounting to 13,000 kWp for a period of 10 years.


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