Project up to 900 kWp planned in Pakistan

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Two additional sun2live rooftops installations coming for Supreme Farms facility

Lahore, Pakistan. Supreme Farms, a Pakistani food products company, called on oursun Solar Power Ltd a subsidiary of The meeco Group for the realisation of sun2live rooftop installations. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was concluded in 2014 for the installation of a project up to 900 kWp.

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First sun2live PPA roof-top installations in Pakistan started


meeco extends its business presence in Pakistan with Seasons Foods and Supreme Farms

Lahore, Pakistan. In 2013 The meeco Group through its subsidiary oursun Solar Power Ltd. has concluded several projects under rental Power Purchase Agreements (”PPA”) with renowned clients in Pakistan. oursun Solar Power will develop, design, erect, own and maintain solar sun2live production facilities for a period of 10 years on the premises of the customer – either on existing roofs as sun2roof or ground-mounted – and provide the produced energy at a fixed rental rate to its clients.

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