First sun2live PPA roof-top installations in Pakistan started



April 30, 2014


2:53 pm


meeco extends its business presence in Pakistan with Seasons Foods and Supreme Farms

Lahore, Pakistan. In 2013 The meeco Group through its subsidiary oursun Solar Power Ltd. has concluded several projects under rental Power Purchase Agreements (”PPA”) with renowned clients in Pakistan. oursun Solar Power will develop, design, erect, own and maintain solar sun2live production facilities for a period of 10 years on the premises of the customer – either on existing roofs as sun2roof or ground-mounted – and provide the produced energy at a fixed rental rate to its clients.

The Power Purchase Agreements with Supreme Farms have been signed for an installed capacity up to 900 kWp and with Season Foods for the construction of up to 400 kWp. By end of April 2014 the installations with both clients have been successfully initiated using high-quality European photovoltaic modules and inverters as well as with mounting substructures system, which were especially tailor-made as per the local requirements in Pakistan and of the customers’ premises.

With the installation of these sun2roof projects, oursun Solar Power secures stable, forecastable and lower than grid price electricity cost for its clients, whilst itself generating regular and secured income through the contracts.

Syed Saad Zafar, Director of oursun Solar Power Ltd., who has negotiated and concluded the agreements explains: “These sun2roof installations represent the successful start for executing the PPA contracts and for our cooperation with the Seasons Group. Furthermore, it proves our experience in such kind of installations and can be used as show-case model for other PPA projects with more industrial customers to come.” Jo Hanns Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of The meeco Group adds: “The meeco Group, through its joint venture oursun Solar Power, is increasing its business presence in Pakistan with already signed contracts in the total volume of 10 MWp and more than 20 MWp under advanced negotiation and is looking forward to conclude additional Power Purchase Agreements for up to 40 MWp in the course of 2014.”


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