Project up to 900 kWp planned in Pakistan



May 18, 2015


9:32 am

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Two additional sun2live rooftops installations coming for Supreme Farms facility

Lahore, Pakistan. Supreme Farms, a Pakistani food products company, called on oursun Solar Power Ltd a subsidiary of The meeco Group for the realisation of sun2live rooftop installations. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was concluded in 2014 for the installation of a project up to 900 kWp. At the moment, 540 kWp are installed on four different buildings of the Supreme Farms facility and connected to feed the loads of the operations. The remaining 360 KWp will be within 2015.

These past few years, Pakistan saw its needs and consequently its demand in clean and renewable energies increase considerably. In order to answer this growing demand and fulfill the Pakistani market requirements, The meeco Group has founded in 2013 with very solid partners in Pakistan a joint venture: oursun Solar Power Ltd. Since then, The meeco Group was able execute several projects under PPA arrangements.


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The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which ties the two parties, states that oursun Solar Power Ltd. develops, designs, erects, owns and maintains solar sun2live production facilities for a period of ten years on the premises of the customer. It also states that oursun Solar Power Ltd.will have to provide the produced energy to Supreme Farms at a fixed rate. With this installation, oursun Solar Power Ltd.secures stable, forecastable and lower than grid price electricity cost for its clients, whilst itself generating regular and secured income through the contracts.

The Supreme Farms sun2live installation started in April 2014 using high-quality European photovoltaic modules and inverters as well as a mounting substructures system. These were especially tailor-made as per the local requirements in Pakistan and of the customers’ premises.


quote We are very proud to provide clean energy for the Pakistani industry and to make a contribution to a sustainable development of the country”

Syed Saad Zafar, CEO and Director of oursun Solar Power Ltd.



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