Solar energy development in Maldives



The Maldives consists of 1,190 tiny islands, of which only 33 have an area greater than one square kilometre. The population of about 300.000 inhabitants is highly concentrated on relatively few islands. 85% of the energy demand of the Maldives islands is currently covered by electricity produced by diesel generators. Especially tourism, the most important business sector on the islands (one million tourists every year), consumes much diesel. This causes many problems in the tourist resorts. Noisy diesel generators do not fit to lagoon resorts and their promise of paradise and silence. Their emissions and the transportation of diesel also damage the environment. This is why The meeco Group is strongly engaged in Maldives to expand the use of solar energy.

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4,76 MWp Photovoltaic Project cluster for Maldives

meeco-maldives-villa group-1

Cooperation between The meeco Group and Villa Group extended

Malé, Maldives. Expanding on the recent decision regarding the installation of a sun2live installation at Maamigili Airport in Maldives, Villa Group and The meeco Group agreed to increase the initial volume of 1,21 MW up to 4,76 MW in the first step. The contract negotiations took place at the main office of the Villa Group where the CEO, Mr. Qasim Ibrahim, himself signed the framework of the contract.

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Promising pilot solar project at Maamigili airport of Maldives

Aerial View of Villa Air Maamigili Airport

The meeco Group extends its presence in the world

Malé, Maldives. After a successful presentation and fruitful negotiations, The meeco Group concluded an agreement with one of the biggest business corporation on the Maldives islands, the Villa Group, which owns and operates the Maamigili airport. Villa Group, through its Chairman Mr. Qasim on his very birthday, and The meeco Group shook hands on the installation of the largest solar PV installation in the Maldives.

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