The meeco Group attended gas balloon and hot-air festival in Gladbeck, Germany

The meeco Group participated last weekend (23rd – 25th September 2011) in the famous Gladbeck balloon festival in Germany, together with 10 gas ballooons and over 20 hot-air ones. The meeco Group’s “SunCarrier” balloon lifted up from the number 1 gas balloon launch field of the world which has about 100 gas balloon launches per … Read more

Guides and Scouts testing portable solution sun2go at camp

Its a rigorous time for the five sun2goTM trolleys on the campsite of the German Association of Protestant Girl Guides and Boy Scouts (VCP) near Wolfsburg, Germany. The units have been tested for several days and have proven their practicality even through demanding usage at the campsite. The Guides and Scouts have used the sun2goTM to generate climate neutral electric energy to power hand tools, laptops and charging mobile phones.

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