Guides and Scouts testing portable solution sun2go at camp



August 2, 2010


4:03 pm

Its a rigorous time for the five sun2goTM trolleys on the campsite of the German Association of Protestant Girl Guides and Boy Scouts (VCP) near Wolfsburg, Germany. The units have been tested for several days and have proven their practicality even through demanding usage at the campsite. The Guides and Scouts have used the sun2goTM to generate climate neutral electric energy to power hand tools, laptops and charging mobile phones.

The sun2goTM generates electricity by using the natural power of the sun. Therefore its a perfect opportunity to power electric devices on the first ever self-sustainable scout camp of this size in Germany. For the 5,000 Guides and Scouts at the camp, sustainability is more than just a modern phrase: to leave a place a little better than you found it is a central premise of Scouting. Taking care of the environment and living in environmentally self-sustainable ways are the most important educational goals of the worlds largest youth movement Scouting.