Solar energy at the BEC schools in Mauritius


The meeco Group installs rooftop solar power on 67 schools in Mauritius

Spread across the island, the Bureau de l’Éducation Catholique’s (BEC) mission is to offer quality education to all students by helping them develop advanced educational, cultural and social skills.  To support this teaching methodology, the Bureau has put in place in 2011 its own ecological footprint program involving students.  This step marked the beginning of a new and greener path at BEC.

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meeco AG expands to the United States

In the United States of America, increasing the use of renewable energy is one of President Barack Obamas top priorities.  Such an increase will reduce Americas dependence on foreign oil, respond to global climate change, and create millions of new jobs. President Obamas goal is to generate 25 percent of Americas energy from renewable sources by 2025 by making unprecedented investments in clean, renewable energy.

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