meeco AG expands to the United States



July 20, 2009


3:43 pm

In the United States of America, increasing the use of renewable energy is one of President Barack Obamas top priorities.  Such an increase will reduce Americas dependence on foreign oil, respond to global climate change, and create millions of new jobs. President Obamas goal is to generate 25 percent of Americas energy from renewable sources by 2025 by making unprecedented investments in clean, renewable energy. These investments are designed to create a new green economy– the 21st Century version of the Industrial Revolution of the early 20th Century. In addition to this Federal initiative, several States such as California and Florida have adopted similar or more aggressive renewable energy targets.  Billions of dollars for renewable energy were included in the 2009 Stimulus Bill and projects, many in solar energy, are already underway.

At the same time, countries and industries in Central and South America more clearly realize that access to energy, on and off the electricity grid, is critical to their economic growth and the living standards of their citizens.

A large increase in the availability of renewable energy can only be reached by applying a variety of technologies including photovoltaics (PV), explains Dieter Trutschler, Sales Director of meeco AG, which specializes in the sale and installation of PV-based energy solutions. meeco AG was operating in the USA even before last years Presidential elections, adapting its business model to the specific situations in North and South America.  Now we want to start taking advantage of the highly favorable market environment. meecos USA office is located in Orange County California.

meeco AG offers a number of PV-based solutionsgrid-connected and off-grid Island solutions for utility-scale, industrial, and community needs, as well as mobile solutions for industrial applications.