The largest sun2roof® built in less than 54 working days


Sonia Gandolfi


December 27, 2023


12:58 pm

Despite the extremely tight deadlines to be respected, the bad weather and the very specific requirements of the customer, the meeco Group successfully installed a 2MW sun2roof® system, the largest one in Slovakia to date.

All started with a roof leakage testing from an already existing PV system which led The meeco Group to not only solve the leakage problems but also to expand the rooftop solar plant making it the largest sun2roof® in Slovakia.

The undertaking required great effort and commitment but thanks to the international meeco team the installation was completed within the peremptory deadline of 2 months.

The project called on site a team of specialists, engineers and supervisors from Spain, Greece, Antigua and Germany who, thanks to their great expertise and the network established over the years, allowed a timely international sourcing of the sun2roof® components, thus also avoiding possible further delays due to the bad weather – as heavy rain, storms and snow – typical of the Slovakian autumn period.


Built on a 11.148 sqm area, this 2.371 kWp sun2roof® solution, consists of 5.712 top tier solar modules allocated on the roof of the property. With a system efficiency of about 80%, the estimated energy production will save yearly 637.560 tons of polluting CO2 emissions.

“We couldn’t have made a better choice than to entrust the development and implementation of this project to The meeco Group” states Mr. M.I., referent Project Manager of the property owner. “Thanks to the great experience and expertise gained in the field of renewable energy, the meeco Team has always found the most appropriate solutions to meet our needs. They worked within a high security area – an airport – taking all the necessary special measures required and above all meeco satisfied our requirement to have a sort of continuity of the PV plant. In fact, they engineered their new sun2roof® system installing special modules, specific in size and appearance, to integrate them as close as possible with the PV components already fixed on the roof.  We can only say that we are very satisfied with the excellent result in yield and production”.